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This was unfortunately not done in time for the release of Drupal 7.0, so while you can use string context values in t() to designate a specific meaning of a string, this was not possible in JavaScript. Drupal 7 versions > 7.9 and Drupal 8 solves this problem.

PHP in Drupal 7 and 8:

$short_may = t('May');
$long_may = t('May', array(), array('context' => 'Long month name'));

JavaScript in Drupal 7 versions < 7.10:

shortMay = Drupal.t('May');
longMay = .... not possible in JS ....

JavaScript in Drupal 7 versions > 7.9 and Drupal 8:

shortMay = Drupal.t('May');
longMay = Drupal.t('May', {}, {context: "Long month name"});
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