does somebody knows this problem?



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I do know the problem but have no solution until now.

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The same issue has been solved here: Empty PDF is always generated

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I don't think so... that issue is for another problem.
That means this problem still exists.

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I had 2 extra pages on a 2 pages PDF (2 extra). Noticed that on the 4th page, page nr 3 was in the right top (instead of right bottom of page 4).

Disabling the page number got me a 3 page pdf.

btw, on the Drupal 6 version

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Maybe you should post your comment for the D6 Version?

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So I invested yesterday a lot of time to search the bug. I am pretty sure that the problem is in the views_pdf_template.php and had something to do with the y position of the elements. I guess in the drawContent() function. Maybe this is helpful for anybody else. I must stop searching at this point...

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Hi, did you try with the latest version?

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i was getting a extra page because i had a field that was other view and had divs. in the translation from html to pdf divs they get some pixels extra (even if in css they dont have them) that make the program to create other page, even if you dont see it.

i got aware of it assigning background-color to all divs by css. maybe this is your problem.
i solved it by removing divs in the original view.

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