First of all, thanks so much for this AWESOME project! I'm trying to use it as a means of running through the various performance gates, so I can hopefully recommend other core developers do the same.

I'm going to assume this is something weird in my installation since I didn't see this reported anywhere else. However!

I'm trying to follow along with and download the devel module from Drush. When I do it sits there and hangs for several minutes, then says file devel-1.7.2.tar.gz is corrupt. (md5 checksum mismatch)

This same thing happens for any other files I attempt to download that way, e.g. cck. However, all is well from my host machine.

Any ideas?

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Glad you like to project! This error comes from the command "drush dl devel" right?

This error is coming from within code in the "drush" project. I think what's happening here is drush is contacting the download server asking for version information. That version information is coming back wonky, and drush is failing.

Here are a couple of things to try:

1) Check your Internet connection (you probably already did that). An Internet cafe sign-in page could cause this.
2) Turn off caching or reboot the vm. In the console, try the command "export http_proxy=". It would look like this:
$ export http_proxy=
It's recommended to cache downloads locally, saving bandwidth and time. This works 99.9% of the time, but the 0.1% is why I'm taking it out of the next version :-) Rebooting quickstart is another way to reset the squid caching server.

If these two things don't fix it, it may be something improperly cached between your computer and Post back and we'll look for another answer.


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NIce! That "export http_proxy=" command totally did the trick! Thanks a bunch!

This was the first time I booted the VM, so maybe that was the problem? Not sure. Anyway, back in business! :D

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Status: Fixed » Needs review

Well. Since a support request isn't actually fixed unless there are docs to point the next person to... ;)

Would you be able to review and see if that makes sense?

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I concur! worked here too!

Did some updates to the Quickstart.. installed unity and upgraded to Ubuntu 11.10.. then this MD5 checksum errors started happening..

using: export http_proxy=
worked perfectly... I have a lot to learn. MichaelCole you are a God.

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I noticed that I would have to enter export http_proxy= each and every time I would use the drush dl command to download a project in order to not get the "md5 checksum mismatch" error, which is okay, but a little inconvenient. So, what I did was edit the VM's .bashrc file by adding that line to the very bottom:

export http_proxy=

I added a comment line describing it (see attached screenshot), then saved the .bashrc file and now I can use multiple drush dl commands without having to type export http_proxy= every time. Don't know if mine was a unique case in having to do always enter export http_proxy= for each drush dl, but just in case others encountered the same situation, this solution worked for me.

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Fixed for 2.0 beta 1 as it no longer uses squid

@webchick: the faq entry look good.

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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