I translated a node to 3 different languages.

When I search with the core search module, I can only find this node, when I search for terms in the default language.

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Version:7.x-1.0-alpha1» 7.x-1.x-dev
Component:Miscellaneous» Code
Category:support» task
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Yes, this is a missing feature ET should be addressing. Unfortunately we did not have time to work on it yet.

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I see; thanks for your answer, plach.

Can you estimate how long it might take?
Are there any workarounds, maybe?

I'm considering now, if I should switch to node-based translation (core) instead of field-based translation (with ET), because of this problem with the search function. Any thoughts?

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This is not going to be addressed soon unfortunately, at least from me.

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Okay, thanks for your answer.

For others, see also:
Language aware search for translated fields

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Title:Core search function does not find translated content?» Add support for multilingual core search

Better title.

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There is a module available to help with this until this issue is sorted out:


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Attached a solution that worked for us. We also use the title_module on most of our content types.

TRUNCATE search_dataset;
ALTER TABLE `search_dataset` ADD  `language` VARCHAR(32) NOT NULL AFTER  `reindex`;
ADD PRIMARY KEY (  `sid` ,  `type` ,  `language` );

TRUNCATE search_index;
ALTER TABLE `search_index` ADD  `language` VARCHAR(32) NOT NULL AFTER  `score`;
ADD PRIMARY KEY ( `word` , `sid` ,  `type` ,  `language` );

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Drupal 8 core issue opened at #1669876: Add missing language functionality in search module, it would be great to take the code from you Jax and port it to Drupal 8. I ported the database changes already :)

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Jax: want to/can help with making this happen for real in core? I started porting your patch to Drupal 8 at #1669876: Add missing language functionality in search module, its mostly ported in terms of data storage, but I believe the querying needs to be improved.

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Apache Solr Multilingual is close to completely support entity translation:
#1301252: Add support for Entity (field) Translation

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any news on this for Drupal7? thanks for your work :)

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No, sorry, no time for it yet

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Trying to use search_api_et and noticed that translated titles are not indexed for some reason. It will find the node if you search by some strings that exists in the body, but not by the title !!!

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What's the destination file for the patch provided in #7???

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The patch doesn't work. Maybe an update should fix it.

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Apache Solr Multilingual supports entity translation and titles converted to fields and translated by the title module.

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Any news here?