Currently any problems are just show as a status message (usually green), errors should be shown as errors.

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Here's a patch that will set 'There was a problem with your newsletter signup' as error messages.

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I appreciate that drifter, but I disagree it should be an error message. This is an information message to users, not necessarily sign that there's an error on the site.

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levelos I think your reasoning is wrong here. Can we at least make this a warning? When a user makes a mistake in any drupal form it's not shown as a normal status message. This does not mean there is anything wrong with the site either. I think if people see the green "ok" symbol they presume everything went fine and wont read the message.

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Hi, I wanted to log an issue for this and found this issue in the queue.
As Freakymage I also think people will assume everything went fine when they see a green message.

In my case I got this message:

There was a problem with your newsletter signup: Invalid Email Address:

This clearly is an error: Invalid email address, but it shows up in green... When looking at form input on form elements, there's validation and invalid input will be shown in red as an error.

Thanks for looking again at this issue!

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Sure, lets make it a warning.

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We rolled this into the latest batch of commits: thanks for the suggestion & patch! New release coming shortly incorporating the changes.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.