I've worked with the Omega 3x version for couple days. I think I've got the part down for building the delta and using the context. Now, I'm thinking that learning enough cSS to work with this is going to take some time, which I don't have now.

Should I fall back to 2x Omega? It looks like there are some complete subthemes with CSS, dropdown menus and color ability for 2x with the beta and gamma.

I'm not sure I understand just what is available, because all the Omega naming conventions are throwing me. The sub-theme has meant to me you used a base theme, and the css and all was available as subtheme which completed theme for a site. Now with the 3x Omega, delta, context I'm still looking at a basic theme omega, sub-theme delta and it's not a complete theme which can be used on production site as is.

My idea is to build a working site, grow and learn the Omega concepts. I just can't take the time now to spend learning CSS well enough to produce a professional appearance site.

There are other theming options that provide alot of flexibility, but the contextual ability makes a strong case for Omega IMO.

I'd appreciate suggestions, thanks


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Using a base theme, whether it's Zen, Fusion, AdaptiveTheme or Omega, requires you do your own theming on top of the base theme. This at it's minimum requires using CSS to style the theme. If you don't have the time to learn CSS you are better of using a ready made theme, and in that case it doesn't matter one bit if that theme is build upon a base theme or not.

All you need to do it to check if the theme suits your needs.

A) Regarding the looks of the site. Does the theme have the look and feel you need for the site you are building?
B) Regarding placement of elements on the page. Does the theme provide enough regions for you to put the content in?

Now there are not a lot of ready made themes that include what you call contextual abilities ( I take it you mean the site adapting to the browser width) right now. But you need to consider if this is really a priority above both points I mentioned above.

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I've got the MSFT Expression studio, which has everything for asp, even a php editor. I've been so busy maintaining sites for the past 2 months working CSS is just out of the question. I used to use CSS alot when I built Frontpage themes, but I'm more than a bit rusty.

I meant contextual from the standpoint of having a different layout for different parts of the website not width,i.e, blog type 1, articles type 2, downloads section type 3, videos type 4, gallery type 5 kinda thing.

Always as the sites grow I need different layouts, which I have mostly accomodated with blocks, quicktabs, kind of items.

Thank you for your response.

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Ah I see. Just bare in mind you can use Delta/Context with any theme, not only with Omega.

The CSS of 7.3 compared to 7.2 is a bit more complex because you make separate adjustments for different screen width. If you want to use Omega, I would recomend using 7.3 though because it offers a lot more functionality and is beeing actively developed.

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This is a bit of topic, but thought I'd ask. I need to find a GUI for working with the layouts & CSS. I realize there are differences in Drupal themes with the Info file. It would be great to have a GUI that gives visual layout positions in say the omega sub-theme I've built, and then add the CSS on the fly kind of thing. I do use firebug, but mostly to see how things look if I plan to tweak css. I do make some CSS changes frequently, but it's not a way of life.

I appreciate your replys

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Take a look at Sweaver