Forgive me but I am newbie to drupal and Danland theme, so please bare with me

1) I am wanting to remove the RSS feed at the top of home page...Will the following work?
if ($feed_icons):

print $feed_icons;

from the page.tpl.php file

2. I have successfully removed the Read More Link

as described in Comment 3

but i can't seem to get the full node on the front page

as described in Comment 6

1. Click on 'Edit summary' link and put the same data in the summary which is there in body of your content. (I follow this)
2. Follow the instructions given in local_sample.css file to activate custom css file.
3. To Hide the 'Read more 'link add following css in local.css file.
.links ul li.node-readmore { (Already done)
display: none;

4. Please clear cached data. (I follow this)

Question related to point 2.... Do I need to put any content in local.css or just activate it?

thanks for the help


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1. To remove feed icon :
-- Remove following code from page.tpl.php :

   	<?php if ($feed_icons): ?>
		<div class="feed-wrapper">
			<?php print $feed_icons; ?>
	<?php endif; ?>

2. To remove 'Read more' link :
-- Try following the instructions given over-
-- It will hide the 'Read more' link.