Is it possible to display the content of the meta description field in a View?
When I try this the field stays empty in the view.
Maybe there is a workaround or something with the rewrite rules?


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Status: Active » Closed (works as designed)

With views pages, you should use path-based meta tags (they are on by default).
If you are logged as admin, you should see 'Edit meta tags' link when you view the page (important: not in view edit, but in view 'view')

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Thank you for your answer, only I meant something else.
I have made a view so I can see the meta descriptions on my pages in a table so I can see if the meta description is filled in.
It's a table with the different meta descriptions of a content type, only the fields are empty.

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Status: Closed (works as designed) » Active
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I see 2 possible solutions:
a) add regular field to display it anywhere, and use tokens to copy this field's value to meta fields. Does not require any fix.
b) add new formatter to the metatags_quick field output. Current default formatter adds meta element to the head, new formatter can output field's value as HTML. Requires patching.

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hey guys, got same issue here.

I hope i understand how it works correctly - in orther to description be change on view page you have to load the meta field into a view. Then:
(solution a)) rewriting meta field with any replacement tokens or some raw value doesn't work - it stays the same. Is there othere way to use token to make it work?