Dear Marinelli developer,

I have been sendng requests on this subject but so far no response from any source, and can't seem to find past responses from FAQ too. I am using Marinelli-Giordani. There are two issues I am facing

(1)yesterday my homepage suddenly becomes dark blue, but I have not touched the css code at all regarding color. Please let me know where I should go to fix this.

(2)My page is about promoting electronic products. Everytime when I enable "promoted to front page" the products of course appear on the front page, but I would like to style the output to look more professional. For example, getting rid of "read me" and "attachment" and make a border around the entire section that place "promoted to front page." There are 2 ways I am hoping to do it (1) create a block dedicated to all "promoted to front page" nodes and style the block to look more suitable for my page. Can View achieve this? how? I tried and was able to create a block but it doesn't get rendered at all (2)use CSS rules to style "promoted to front page" nodes, but then I need to know which existing ones I should go in to modify, or, if not, create new rules.

Please help!!!!! I am asking around but nobody could help me so far. Thanks a lot!!!

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Hello aspk,
You can easily achieve this with views(the version I used is 6.x-2.12). I have created a page view, with all the nodes of type page promoted to front page. The steps I followed are:
1) Create a page view for all the nodes of type page (or whatever is your content type). Give a appropriate path to the page.
2) Go to admin/settings/site-information on your site and set the path at Default front page (in my case its products)
3) Include the new css file inside the file of the theme. That is add this line, where all the stylesheets are mentioned
stylesheets[all][] = local.css
4) Go to admin/settings/performance page and clear the cache.
5) Go to marinelli theme folder and create a new css file as local.css And add the required css for the view to add border etc.
I am attaching my views export, stylesshet and screenshot for your reference. (This is only the basic structure that you are looking for. You may need to change css file according to the name of your view and the fields that you are going to include inside it).

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Thanks so much for your help. There is also another problem. My site is I only started building it so it's at a very primitive state. But recently all of a sudden, without modifying anything on the backend, my site is turning all blue as you see. Do u know what might cause this and how I could solve this problem?

As for view, I am only familier with the edit and clone function, but not sure how to import your code on export to my view to test it out. Could you let me know or maybe explain in terms of how to edit the view to achieve the same result?

I have created a block with "promoted to front" product nodes and I set it up to be on the Content of my website. The block, however, doesn't get rendered on the front page, but they can appear on all the other pages. could you tell me how I could replace the default "promote to the front" format on my front page with the block? The block is called "Feature products" and you can see it here I wish to make this block appear on front page to replace the existing "promoted to the front" format.

Lastly, I have set "product image" to be a field for dispaly for my block in view and I could see it very well while I am on admin mode, but once I log out of the admin then the product image doesn't display. That means if you go to the page you probably can't see the images. do u know what I might cause this problem.

Thanks a lot!!!!

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This issue is being closed because it is against a branch for a version of Drupal that is no longer supported.
If you feel that this issue is still valid, feel free to re-open and update it (and any possible patch) to work with the 7.x-4.x branch.
Thank you.