External Links is working great when not logged into the site, but when I am logged in it is not working at all. I'm guessing it's a conflict with (at least) the Admin menu but I don't see any errors in the Chrome inspector that seem to relate to either. What kind of an error should I be looking for to resolve this?


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This maybe Chrome only - a co-worker just said External Links works fine in FF logged in or not.

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Possibly related: #1139622: Invalid regular expressions (regex) may break the JavaScript on the site

It's extremely difficult to know what the source of this problem is without any kind of error. If you can replicate the problem, open up the JavaScript Console in your browser and check what errors it's giving you, then post them here.

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Is this still a problem?

#1434104: Validate regexs (to prevent Javascript / regex problem: invalid quantifier) has been applied, which should validate the regex.

Could also try in incognito mode, to rule out caching issues?

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Status: Postponed (maintainer needs more info) » Closed (cannot reproduce)

Closing after lack of activity.