I'm working on a new site using Marinelli. I like the thought of the topbar block and being able to use it for an emergency notification. Obviously for this use case, it doesn't work well to rely on visitors to expand the topbar but the ability to collapse it is a nice feature.

I know the topbar only appears when it has a block inside it but is there a way to get it to start opened for visitors?



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1. To keep topbar region opened add following code in 'marinelli.info' file :

scripts[] = js/topregion/open_topregion.js

2. Create a 'open_topregion.js' file in 'js/topregion/.' directory.
3. Add following js code in open_topregion.js file

jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
	$('#topBarLink a').text("↑ " + Drupal.settings.marinelli.bartext2 + "");
	$('#topBarLink a').attr('title','Close this region');

4. Please clear cached data here- admin/config/development/performance

NOTE: I think you may not be able to copy "↑ " image from here. So if this happen then please find the image on line no-34 in file '/js/topregion/marinelli_topregion.js' copy the image "↑ "and paste it in our code.