Running latest versions of FCKeditor & IMCE in Drupal 5.1

In IE7 only, when adding new blog posts, editors are getting a message in a popup dialog on the page load:

[Internet explorer cannot open the internet site
Operation Aborted ]

If they hit OK to the popup, and then back - the edit page is there. Not sure if this is IMCE or FCK related.

This is the same error, and the solution someone came up with:


#3 fckeditor_0.patch647 bytesstefano73
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FCK Editor Application v.2.4

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thanks for this report, I sometimes got the sameerror and never found any clue.

I'll try to incorporate a fix for this into the module.

have you posted an issue at the FCKeditor site too?

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647 bytes

A fix for this bug is move the ReplaceTextarea() call at the end of the page, instead of having it as the element's suffix:

drupal_add_js($js_id.'.ReplaceTextarea();', 'inline', 'footer', TRUE);

I got stuck on this bug once again today, I applied this fix and since then I haven't got that bug anymore. I'm running a patched version of fckeditor.module, so I haven't tested it on the current cvs version, but I guess it should work as well.

Patch to v1.19.2.3 attached.

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Good news - the solution by stafano73 works (for me) in IE6 too!

This confirms (for me) that the general solution (to the general issue) is:

For Internet Explorer 6 and 7 some javascripts (specifically those which interact with the document model, and especially those which might interact with it before it has finished loading) must be placed at the end of the document (eg. just inside the body tag, but after all of the other tags are closed) and NOT IN THE MIDDLE of the document. If they are placed in the middle, Internet Explorer MIGHT (ie. MIGHT the second time you load the page, but not the first, or MIGHT with certain security settings but not others) refuse to load the page, with this error: "Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site - Operation Aborted" and then, if you click the BACK button after seeing this error, Internet Explorer MIGHT take you back to the page successfully!

This last bit (about the BACK button) might be explainable - if you consider that the document structure may be fully loaded and/or cached by then (see above) but I am not sure about this. You would have to ask a Microsoft person.

To summarise: thank you Microsoft for wasting my time, and wasting the opportunity to build a better browser... IE7 is not much better than IE6 with the addition of blurry text and obscure menus.

I look forward to ontwerpwerk's endorsement of this solution, both here and in the next version of the module.

PS. This issue is also mentioned in this post: (now resolved).

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It works for my IE7 exception too. Many Thanks!

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Priority: Normal » Critical

increasing the priority to remind myself of this fix

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Status: Active » Fixed

this is now in the latest cvs development version

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Title: IE7 "operation aborted" » Thanks ontwerpwerk - excellent module

I have decided to stay with Drupal - such good progress in the past few weeks - new versions of modules etc.

and seeing that you have included this fix (above) for the next version of FCKeditor makes it even better

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Title: Thanks ontwerpwerk - excellent module » IE7 "operation aborted"

well, if peiple stick with drupal it's all good,

but plase don't change the name of an issue unless you're clarifying the content with it (it's confusing in the email notifies and more)

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Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)
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For anyone who's scratching their head trying to work out how this similar bug is affecting them, please see this page:

As you can see, it's another problem in Internet Explorer.

Thanks for all the good work.


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Excellent stuff, Stephano.

But tell me: Where is this crucial piece of code found (you pros are always talking as if it's a case of re-arranging the DOM with your bare hands!)?

A grep across my drupal finds no instances of anything with drupal_add_js($js_...

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It's done a little bit differently now:

      // if no popup mode, add the editor initialization to the footer
      drupal_add_js('if (Drupal.jsEnabled) {$(document).ready(
          function() {'.$js_id.'.ReplaceTextarea();}
      }', 'inline', 'footer');

This is because jQuery will initialize the loading this way only when the full DOM is loaded.

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Just installed current Drupal 5.1, current fckeditor module, and download from fckeditor. Same issues: ...operation aborted. I'll work on it from the "notes" above, but from the thread here it would seem the same issue would not continue to occur with the current module.

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Used # 13 (15 June) above and it fixed it for IE7.

no richtext formatting text area showing in Safari 3.x (in OS X or Windows).

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the fix in #13 is already in the 5.x-1.x-dev

Safari (3.x) is not supported and as long as FCKeditor itself does not support it this module will not support it either.

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Thanks heaps for this but i'm not quite sure how to insert this patch... i.e. insert at the end of what page?... I am new to drupall so still learning the basics?


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Just thought I would add my 2c.

I am not using fckeditor but TinyMCE and this error appears as well. I will try and make the appropriate changes to see if it fixes the problem.

This happens in IE6 and IE7.

I'll update and advise if this fixes it for TinyMCE.


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I've just downloaded and switched to FCKEditor today as WYMEditor had issues and no-one was replying to my queries.

I'm impressed with FCKEditor and it does everything I hoped (using Firefox). But there is just a big blank space where it should be in IE7. Works fine in IE6.

I'll try the things mentioned above, but though I'd mention it here as it is implied that the solutions above have already been incorporated into the module?

- Drupal 5.9
- fckeditor-5.x-2.2-rc1.tar.gz

I don't get any kind of pop up error message though, just no editor

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Check this:
There is probably some javascript error, try inspecting whether it comes from your custom theme or is it a conflict with another module.
Feel free to create a new issue for this error because the code changed a lot since 5.x-1.x.