When not logged in, or after a user logs out, the footer becomes very long when using google chrome.

I have tried using different computers, fresh installs etc.

Only happens in chrome for some reason.

Also only happens on the front page, other pages do not seem to be effected.

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I'm seeing this as well, on the following browsers:

- Safari 5.1
- Chrome 13.0.782.215

- Safari 5.1
- Chrome 13.0.782.215 m

Otherwise, in IE 8 & 9, along with Firefox (on both platforms) and Camino (Mac) it's looking like normal.

But considering that Safari and Chrome are pretty popular, it'd be great to get this bug fixed ASAP.

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Basically if a page doesn't have enough content in it, then it brings the bottom up if that makes sense?

You can imagine, the footer moves up so that's why it appears that the footer is increasing in size.

To fix it, try adding 20 lines of content to the page (if u have a large screen with high res you might need to add more than 20)

Then in #footer-bottom in the CSS file, you can add a max-height command. This works for me, hope it makes sense! I changed padding to 20px and max-height to 20, it's perfect for the social network links and a main menu (without the block title of course)

The reason you was noticing it when logged out is because when you log out, the admin control panel at the top is removed giving room for the footer to increase in size.

Also you will notice is more in chrome and opera as the top section of chrome and opera browser is smaller than ie8 and firefox, also giving more room for the footer to move into :)

Hope this helps!

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I'm facing the same problem as you and jimmb.
I changed #footer-bottom from THIS:
#footer-bottom { clear:both; overflow:hidden; padding:40px 0; border-top:1px solid #353535;
to THIS:
#footer-bottom { clear:both; overflow:hidden; padding:20px 0; border-top:1px solid #353535; max-height:20px;
and I also insert 40 lines in front page but the problem still remains...

I'm running Drupal 7.9 on windows 7 64bit ad I have the problem only on chrome (version 15.0.874.120). Firefox a n IE are ok.

Please FIX it or fin an acceptable solution.

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Hi CarloB,

Put a screen shot with comments on what the problem is please :)

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Hi 4aron,
hope these help you.


P.S. more info: when I change the aspect ratio (see Chrome-01-Ok-Bottom.jpg), the Chrome browser shows the webpage correcty but as soon as I press the REFRESH or RELOAD button, the problem OCCOURS !

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I have the same probleme here in safari... any new informations?
What CAN do this?

Thanks keep searching,


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As well as occurring when page content is short, the problem also seems to be connected to the slideshow display.

When the slideshow is activated, the footer grows long on the home page, and resolves when the slideshow is switched off.

At least that is the case in Safari on my Mac.

Possibly some tweaking is needed in jquery.cycle.all.min.js?

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Status: Active » Closed (fixed)

Is this corrected in the latest version? Let us know if not. Closing for now.