The Tao theme overrides theme_pager() with it's own implementation in tao_pager(). However, unlike the base implementation, it does not check that $tags is actually set before using it. If you subsequently invoke theme('pager'), without setting a $tags parameter (which unless you want to set custom labels would be the normal), it will complain about 'undefined offset's on $tags

Drupal guidelines suggest that the code should be wrapped in isset()s:, so for the pager-first line...

  $links['pager-first'] = theme('pager_first', ($tags[0] ? $tags[0] : t('First')), $limit, $element, $parameters); should probably read...

  $links['pager-first'] = theme('pager_first', (isset($tags[0]) ? $tags[0] : t('First')), $limit, $element, $parameters);

And again for pager-previous / pager-next / pager-last lines.

(I note that this is fixed in the 7.x version, so set to low priority)

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