I saw the issue where it looked like conditional stylesheets would be picked up from a preprocess function in Omega 7.2, but I'm wondering whether this is working now in 7.3? If it is how does it work (what should the file name be?) Would you recommend using the Conditional Stylesheets module if it's not included?

thank you!


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I am using the Conditional Stylesheets module, so I'd say use that. But I'm currently dealing with an issue where the Conditional Stylesheets are being rendered 1st, before my Omega stylesheets, which means any IE specific rules just get over ridden. Due to the cascade. Trying to figure this one out.

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Correction to my comment above. Don't use Conditional Stylesheets module. See this, http://drupal.org/node/1263750#comment-4927202

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Title: Internet Explorer Conditional Stylesheets » Add Internet Explorer Conditional Stylesheets preprocess function
Version: 7.x-3.0-rc4 » 7.x-3.0
Category: support » feature

Might as well change this to a feature request.

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I'm using

drupal_add_css('sites/all/themes/THEME/css/ie.css', array('group' => CSS_THEME, 'browsers' => array('IE' => 'lte IE 8', '!IE' => FALSE), 'preprocess' => FALSE));

in the preprocess-html.inc file and it is working just fine to target IE8 and below. Fubhy may have a better way to do this but this seems to be working just fine.