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This section will lead you through setting up the Search API module, explain basic concepts and explain how to use its most common features.

There is a video from Drupalcon Munich on youtube explaining the Search API and Facet API.


For installing the Search API, you will need the Entity API module already installed and enabled.

For setting up a server (and therefore actually using the Search API), you will also need a module providing a service class, like the database service or the Solr service. See Service classes and features below for details.

Modules that provide additional functionality for the Search API might have additional requirements. These will be listed with the respective modules/functionality below.

Search API administration page

After you have enabled the Search API module, click the "Configure" link next to the module's name in the module list to go to Search API's administration page. This page lists "servers" and "indexes", and is the place where you will make most Search API configurations. You can also reach it at Administration > Configuration > Search and metadata > Search API (or

Then, follow the instructions below to create one or more indexes and servers, and set up other search functionality.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.