First, thank you very much for the cool module. I like the way of implementing it as a display and configuring it like a view.

My use case requires that customers can filter the view before exporting it to a PDF. Therefore, I tried to solve it by putting an exposed filter on a PDF display, however it results in an empty page.....is it supported in this module or am I doing something wrong...?


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Hi MF82
this is not nice but works for me: Create a default page from Your default view with identical exposed filter as the PDF-Page, then put some PHP-Code e.g. in the header to get the values of the active filters into an array (e.g with split('/', $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']);). Then print a link to your PDF-view and pass the filter-values with that link. Hope that works for You...

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Thanks for your reply semanthis! I will look into it :)

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Hello semanthis,

I've been trying to figure out what you mean with your comment, but since I'm not a PHP hero, I'm having difficulties figuring out what you exactly trying to say. I understood the following:

My view should exist of three displays:
- default display with data
- PDF display
- page display; this contains the header with the PHP code. I assume the PDF display should be attached to this page in order to receive the filter strings. Am I correct in assuming that the PHP code manipulates the page URL in which I pass the filters?

I would appreciate it if you can elaborate a bit more on how this would work! :)

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Sorry for the late answer, this is what I have done: I created a View added the filters, added a page-display and a pdf-display.
To figure out which values are choosen from exposed filters I did a

$qstrings = split('/', $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']); 

width a print_r you can find out what is in the array, then you can print the link to your pdf-display submitting the values from the exposed filters like this:

$path = base_path();
print $path."myview/pdf/".$qstrings[4]."/".$qstrings[5]; ">
print t("Als PDF exportieren");

The numbers behind $qstrings depend on the actual path of your view.
Hope that will help you, nice greetings from Sebastian

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Thanks for your reply semanthis! I will check it out and let you know if I succeeded.

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hey semanthis,

Thanks again for your reply. It put me on the right track.
I already had the Print module installed with which I built a block with the same kind of PHP code you proposed. Exposed filters and printing/export pdf is unfortunately nowhere as integrated as we would like it to be :).

Anyway, my problem is solved, but not in the most elegant way... so I guess this could still remain as a "active / needs work" topic for the devs.

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