added a hook_field_extra_fields_alter() implementation, but I'm not clear as to why. No other vertical tabs do this. And if on the "manage fields" page, you drag the extra field up above all the others, then on the node edit page, it's still rendered in a vertical tab below all the real node fields. Seems to me that if a module wants to remove "path" from being a vertical tab so that it can be placed higher on the page (e.g., just below title, like in WordPress), then that's the module that should implement hook_field_extra_fields_alter().

This patch removes the function from the Pathauto module.

pathauto_remove-pathauto_extra_fields_alter.patch1.42 KBeffulgentsia
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As with the redirect issue, I have to respectfully disagree. I get more requests to enable this feature. This allows the tab to be re-ordered within the vertical tabs group and can also make itself useful to the Field group or Display suite modules. Basically, I always get requests to allow site builders to manage this themselves.

Plus, this can easily be removed with hook_field_extra_fields_alter(). Wait - I'm using extra_fields_alter() when I should be using hook_field_extra_fields() so this *can* be removed with the alter. I need to change that at least.

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pathauto_field_extra_fields_alter() converted to path_field_extra_fields() with a !function_exists() check.

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