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So you added a custom grid via your custom CSS? That's the wrong approach! Read this for how to create custom grids:

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Thanks a lot

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I'm running into the same problem here, but I'm not trying to define a grid. I merely want to override some of the css values being declared by omega, however, omega is declaring it's css after the css I defined in the .info file:

stylesheets[all][] = 'css/mystyle.css'

Which does not make any sense. Shouldn't the subtheme css files come after the parent theme's? How else are you to 'cascade'?

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did you put your override css in the global.css file in your subtheme? what starterkit are you using? are you still using 7.x-3.0-rc2? (try 3.1) i have a few sites on omega3 and the overrides seemed to work as intended as far as i can tell.