How about making entire field groups conditional? See field groups module for D7
And how about integration with multistep? for D7
Imagine setting a value A on step 1 of a multistep content type form. Now I want fields on step 2 to be hidden. I don't think this works well.


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It would be useful that we could hide a groupfield by condition. because actually, only field could be hide but the end user can see also the fielgroup field, This could get at confusion.

Have you ever plan something about this feature?

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I have this need as well ! That's really, IMHO, a must for the sake of using Drupal as a web application engine. In my case, I am building a booking web app and the "booking" content type would be optimum with this feature. At the moment I cannot gather fields logically and the ergonomy suffers from that.

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Brilliant module besides this !

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I miss the groups functality from 6 aswell. Love this mod. Great work!!!


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Any news?

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Would be really great to have this working with the multistep module

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One other compatibility issue with module.