Its my first time working with sweaver and superfish. Not sure if this is a sweaver or a superfish issue.

Had styled a page with sweaver and saved it (not published yet). The menu block in the page contained a superfish menu which was set to the superfish 'blue' style. I changed the style of the superfish menu under admin/structure/block/manage/superfish/1/configure and set it to 'default'. When I refreshed the styled page, the sweaver overlay disappeared and was replaced by sweaver links at the bottom of the page. The style changes however were maintained. I was able to use sweaver with the links at the bottom of the page, with limited functionality, and the page was reflecting the style changes just fine. Changing the superfish menu style to anything but 'default' restored the sweaver overlay and functionality. Below process can be followed to replicate the error

1. Create a custom style with sweaver.
2. Add a superfish menu to the page
3. Set superfish menu style to anything but default, even 'none' works.
4. Sweaver Overlay appears just fine.
5. Set superfish menu style to default
6. Sweaver Overlay disappears and is replaced with sweaver links at the bottom of the page.

The versions of drupal, sweaver and superfish to replicate the error are below.

Drupal - 7.4
Sweaver - 7.x-1.x-dev
Superfish - 7.x-1.8

I am a not a coder. Can someone else please confirm this issue ?




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I am in the same boat as you; my overlay is also absent.

Question: Do you also have @font-your-face (and its dependencies) installed?