I installed the version before the 4 July 2011 weekend (6.x-1.0-rc6) and the button appeared OK in Firefox 4 on the Mac. I did not test on Safari 5 or Chrome 12, thinking it would be OK.

When I prepared to install on production today (6 July 2011), I was surprised to find a newer version (6.x-1.0-rc7) with a different config screen. However, I find that, like the previous version, it is not rendering in Chrome or Safari. I also cannot find it in the HTML source for either browser in the way I can on Firefox with Firebug.

The client likes adding this and how it appears on FF4/Mac. However, if it can't be rendered on Safari or Chrome then it won't be useful for us. Have just received a report that it is not working in IE/Win either.


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version rc8 of the module is out, with a fixed issue with HTML5 href attribute, (if you are using g:plusone syntax, doesn't affect you in rc7 version)

But aside of that, it's a problem of Google+1 button, I can't do anything.

Anyway, let's keep this thread open, so we have a centralized thread to track all these incompatibilities.

Searching in the Google Webmaster Central forum I found these recent threads:

Not working in Chrome 12
Not working in Opera 11.50 and IE9
Not working in mobile devices, iPhone, iPad
Not working in IE7
Not working in Firefox 3.0

I'm sure they are working hard on them, so probably these issues will be fixed soon.

Also be aware of this:

At the moment, we do not support the +1 button on IE6 or IE7. We are constantly working on improving the +1 button, so it's possible that this may change over time, but that the moment I can't promise anything with regards to IE6 & IE7.


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Is this still a problem?