Providing Corresponding References between all types of Entities is ideal. Will this module expand to handle this or will it become deprecated? #1182686: Corresponding Entity Reference Fields


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Status: Active » Needs work

I teaming up with jm.federico to see if we can move cnr into the entity reference field.

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Status: Needs work » Active

Any progress on this? Is there a patch or sandbox available? A light reading of the cnr code leads me to think that it would be possible to support entityreference. (n.b. seems that entity reference field is deprecated.)

See also discussion at #1293792: Entity Reference: Two-way referrence (synchronize 2 fields or use one storage for two-way link).

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Not sure but i think this will also fix support for commerce which would be nice!

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What's the status on this ? Since the references frontpage now reads that it will be replaced with entityreference ?

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Just to clarify.

Does this module currently work with entity reference ?

I have tried relation but this module seems to be a little easier to setup and understand.

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If we can make it work with Entity Reference, we're all happy. So yeah, what is the status? Anyone has a patch?

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this would be SO awesome!

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+ 1

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that would be absolutely outstanding if possible - the only alternate is to create a view with a complex loop ( has done something similar) - but it's way too complicated for new users who simply want this precise functionality

any thoughts from the devs on what they'd need to get this in motion or to move to a test stage of any kind?

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+1 for this feature, IMO entity reference is more powerful than node reference module

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Does a bounty need to be created to move this along?

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I will back the bounty with $ome

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I desperately needed this module for a project, so i had no other choice than to upgrade it. Seeing as Entity Reference is now being favored over References, I have created a sandbox project Corresponding Entity References. Its basically a straight upgrade of CNR, but with a large find and replace node for entity. There was a bunch of rework in the module, to deal with the differences, but most of it came straight from CNR.

Its almost completely done. The only thing that still needs some work is the bulk updating of existing entities functions. Other than that its seems pretty ok.

@kclarkson and @Lunk Rat, if you still feel like offering up some bounty, I would very much appreciate some beer money ; )

I will be contacting @domidc to see if he wants to join forces...

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After more testing, it looks like it still needs work. Cross entity type referencing is broken, but same entity type referencing works. So if you are referencing node to node, everything will be fine.

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Just pushed some code to fixed cross entity referencing... Should be ready now to test.

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@chertzog - will you be releasing this as a new standalone module? also, i'm a bit confused about the cross-entity issue - were you referencing any non-node stuff (like a file or something?)

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I've contacted the maintainers of this module to see if they wanted to join forces. If we fel like it deserves its own project, i will promote to a full project.

As for the cross entity issue, my first testing was just node to node referencing. But there was an issue because not all entities have bundle keys. So after trying to reference a taxonomy term from a user, there were issues, but have since been fixed.

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I have promoted the sandbox to a full project: Corresponding Entity References.

Things that still need to be done:
- Upgrade path.
- bulk updating needs work.

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I ended up going with Entityreferences and using relationships to get my needs completed.

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Are there some news about this? Would be great if this feature would come true :-)
Has anyone tried the "(Entity)Reference Field Synchronization" module?
Isn't that exactly the same functionality as Corresponding Entity References?

How do you solved your problem using entityreferences and relationships (which modules - in which version - were used...)

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I was trying to create one view for all of my entity references. If you are looking to relate a third content type then I believe the Corresponding Entity References module should work for you.

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Status: Active » Fixed

This issue is fixed by the Corresponding Entity References module.

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.