One that comes to mind is -strip. I'm sure there are others, thus having this be a text box sounds like a good idea.

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Status: Active » Needs review
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Escaping the -command doesn't work as it adds in ' around the command then. De-saturate does work with the example if your wondering.

I've also attached a bad jpg file as an example of what can happen if these extra parameters are not passed along. Notice the file size in comparison to the dimensions; try viewing the file in IE8.

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So the description should probably make it clear that each option needs to be on its own line... assuming it really makes sense to force them onto their own lines. It might also be worth making it clear that these options will be passed to *every* usage of ImageMagick.

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Title: Allow for a custom code to be inserted into the convert command before it is ran » Allow for custom code to be inserted into the convert command before it is ran
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If we decide to support IMagick Having one command per line might allow us to more easily convert the settings over.

IMagick would probably allow for more complex transformations like Smart Sharpening. My take on this:

Here is the updated patch that better explains what is going on in the description. BTW I'm perfectly fine with using a textbox and putting this all on one line.