There are two different XAMMP pages in the Installation guide, one is on Windows and another is on Linux. The Windows one is under Best Practices > Test Sites ( and the Linux one is under HowTo: The Advanced user's guide (

My thinking is that the Linux one, 115820, should be moved next to the other one under Best Practices > Test Sites but whichever way, they should be next to each other.

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As long as someone is editing the Xampp section....

Clean URL's in Xampp -
Multi-site install n xampp - - although this might take some work to compile.

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collapsing and condensing stuff is good. The closer related material is to each other is easier on folks. So feel free to move things. If someone thinks of an awesome idea for a new section in a given handbook move it up, just note the reason in the log.

Isn't moving and editing things on a site read by thousands fun :D

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Hm, well looking at it and thinking of the best way to "re-do" all of these references to XAMPP I am now thinking that all of the install/setup stuff for XAMPP should be under Installing Drupal ( and that the Test Sites page should then just refer to Installing Drupal for various ways to get it installed.

Also, not sure of the best way to incorporate the comment on the Test Sites page ( unless maybe as a child page -> one way to create a test environment without a fresh install? Although honestly it is really just like any other "copy/transfer of your site process" except for the DNS changes to create a subdomain on your site.

Any thoughts?

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that works better.

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Ok, I have moved some of this around and made the comment into a page (under Installing > Special Cases). I'm leaving this open for now since I still want to deal with the other two links Sam added. Assigning this to myself.

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I was about to create a new issue, but this is closely related so I'll add it to this...

I propose a new chapter under the book 'Developing for Drupal'. This section will be about 'Setting up a development environment'.

At the moment we have information about setting up test sites, but it is jumbled in various obscure places. I don't believe setting up a localhost belongs under installing and configuring Drupal; although it should be referenced there and from the best practices sections. Details on setting up a localhost for testing or development are too important and complex to be buried as a subsection of installing Drupal.

The new chapter would include:

- Setting up a localhost

- Development software (how to install, configure and use from a Drupal perspective)

A breakdown of development software is what I'm most concerned is missing in the handbook. On the front chapter page would be a breakdown of recommended software (description, platform, open or proprietary), and then we can have child pages for the more complicated software (especially the IDEs like Eclipse).


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Title: Need to move XAMMP pages together » Create a Development Environment section
Component: Installation » Developer Guide
Assigned: add1sun » Unassigned

alpritt, sounds good to me. I definitely think that consolidating the dev environment docs is a good move and I agree it belongs under development with installation simply referring to it. I'm changing the issue to reflect the wider scope and new location now. Feel free to assign to yourself if you want.

When you need help moving/weighting pages or if you need review of new pages, please post back to this issue and I, for one, will definitely help you out.

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Okay, I'll create a draft and begin by referencing the existing sections. We can tidy up from there.

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Status: Active » Needs review
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I've written most about what I use, and I'm sure I'm missing some software. I'm personally still new to a lot of these programs and I have no experience with others (especially the Mac-centric stuff). But... it is a start.

Under this chapter I want to include only items which are relevant to setting up and using a development environment. For example, using CVS under Eclipse could go under this section, but using CVS in general would not.

With this in mind, I'm a little unsure about some of the local server section. I think it is important to include a reference to the setup of a local server under this chapter since it is such a pivotal part of a development environment. However, a lot of the information on server setup also relates to production servers. Some re-organisation is obviously needed, but I'm unsure whether server setup belongs here or elsewhere; we may have to look at each page on a case-by-case basis. Also, I think some serious editing may be required on a few sections. There is also a fair amount of duplication that needs to be tidied up.

Anyway, for now I'm just linking to what I've found that I think is relevant to this chapter. Obviously more work needs to be put into it.

The page is pretty long already, so maybe it needs subdividing into two sections (local server, and software). However, I'm inclined to start with just the one page until a structure for some of the child pages has been devised.

I've attached the draft as an HTML file for ease of reading.

I'll leave off posting it to the handbook for a couple of days, to see if there is any initial feedback.

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Thanks for getting this started! I do believe the Local server stuff and Tools should be broken into two sections. I don't think it is a big deal to just create them in the handbook and then work on adding child pages respectively to each. We could have something like this for structure:

Setting up a development environment (general discussion)
- Local server setup
-- Linux
-- Mac
-- Windows
- Best practices
-- (maybe some discussion on moving from dev to production?)
- Development tools
-- Browsers
-- Text Editors/IDEs
-- Other tools

I am just tossing the Best practices section in for discussion - does that make sense here? Obviously the larger discussion around dev env vs prod server vs install divisions needs to be hammered out as you mention. Anyone else have feedback on that? Also, I honestly don't think that Graphics programs have a place under dev environment. I don't really see the connection to Drupal or coding.

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I honestly don't think that Graphics programs have a place under dev environment. I don't really see the connection to Drupal or coding.

I guess it depends how wide a perspective we are taking. Is this section about a web development environment (where graphics are pretty central if you are doing any theme work) or specifically about working with Drupal code? I can see the issue of growing beyond the scope of the handbook, but I can see it the other way too. I'll remain neutral about it and chop it out if that is the consensus.

I am just tossing the Best practices section in for discussion - does that make sense here?

We already have a 'Best practices' chapter under the 'Installation and configuration' chapter. While some of this might belong under development (test sites, for example), a large section doesn't (backup, user roles, version update considerations and so on). I'd be loathed to remove the test site best practice from this section, but information on how-to set up the test site probably does belong else where as it is currently (with appropriate linking).

Here's another thought for the structure:

Setting up a development environment (general discussion)
- Test sites
-- Local server setup
--- Linux
--- Mac
--- Windows
-- Moving from development to production
- Development tools
-- Browsers
-- Text Editors/IDEs
--- Eclipse: Installing with Zend plugin
--- Eclipse: Configuring for Drupal coding standards
--- Eclipse: Using with CVS
--- Vim: Configuring for Drupal coding standards
--- Emacs: Configuring for Drupal coding standards
-- Other tools

What I wonder, however, is whether 'moving a site from development to production' warrants a section separate from a 'moving from production to production server'. Is the information any different? ... for example see

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Okay, I've made a start. I've left the test site stuff alone for now since it involves moving pages -- which I can't do. and child page

Changing back to active and un-assigning

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Title: Create a Development Environment section » Move pages... Create a Development Environment section

Time to move stuff around I think.

I've created the parent pages and divided them into Linux, Mac and Windows sections. But on second thoughts that was probably a bad idea. Maybe we should simply move the following pages (and their children) to be children of :


Then we can avoid some link rot.

I don't seem to be able to delete the nodes I created so that is another task. Sorry, causing extra work :D

This should be a good start to the tidy up.

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Coolio. I've deleted the stubs you created and moved the 3 sections to the dev section. Definitely a better plan re: link rot and keeping things concentrated. Let me know if other things need moving about.

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Status: Active » Fixed

The section isn't perfect, but I'm marking it fixed or it will remain open forever!

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Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for two weeks with no activity.