I am currently working on getting the pages and the assets (images/CSS etc) as small as possible but Imagecache is making the slide images a lot bigger. But with Nivo slider there doesn't appear to be a way to have the slideshow with using the original image.



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try in the views fields to set the original image as image formatter

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Nivo slider overrides the fields set imagecache preset. Note below:

  // Force URL format for image_field
  if (isset($view->field[$options['image_field']])) {
    $view->field[$options['image_field']]->options['format'] = 'path_plain';
    $view->field[$options['image_field']]->options['alter']['make_link'] = 0;
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Status: Active » Needs work
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I'm attaching patch made for stable 6.x-2.0 allowing to use original image for slider. This modification is incompatible with "Thumbnails with ImageCache presets" control navigator, so I've also added validation to plugin. It needs work, because applying it to latest git code failed.

Patch also removes duplicated code (building preset options).

Maintainers, why are you using $title_id as title in function template_preprocess_views_nivo_slider_view_nivo_sliderfields() when calling theme('imagecache', ... ) ? Behavior was changed in this commit.