I assume some people might have heard about the Bluemasters subtheme which was originally created for the Smashing magazine.

There is already one port for Drupal (see. http://drupal.org/project/bluemasters). Even though it's nice I still like the idea of having themes based on base themes. Building websites I keep finding it faster to implement and Omega base theme seems to be quite a great choice (already designed some templates on it).

Has anyone been thinking about porting Bluemasters theme to a subtheme of Omega? If not, would anyone be interested in seeing it ported?


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Version: 7.x-2.1 » 7.x-3.x-dev

Looks like a cool theme! I would sure love to see it ported to Omega but I would suggest using the 3.x version in that case as we are close to finishing that! Contact me on IRC if you need assistance (I did understand you right that you are going to port it, right?)!

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I actually have it nearly done for the 2.x version. For me, the reason is simple - I am using Omega Tools that helps me quite a lot with the work and the last time I tested, the 3.x version was not working. That is why I am using the 2.x in the mean time.

Anyway, will try to catch you on IRC.

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This raises a fundamental question. There are loads of cool non-Drupal themes available; but what would be the advantage of rebuilding them on top of a base theme?

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Advantage? You don't need to convert a cool non-Drupal theme to a Drupal theme but how else could you use it with Drupal in the first place? You need to have a Drupal theme obviously. Second of all, as another advantage I would see an easy switch between themes. Base themes make the coding faster.

I looked at the Drupal Bluemasters theme that I mentioned already and even though it's well done, it is not flexible. On Omega you could make use of 960 grid which, once again, is much faster to cope with.

So one final answer for all: the speed with which you can code a theme matters.

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But why build one again upon a base theme if there is already a port available?

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For instance because the implementation of sidebars does not suit my needs (fixed width, right sidebar), picture slideshow is rather hardcoded. Some people might find it sufficient though.

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Im using Blue Masters and it would be great, if somebody could make this work with Omega.

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@Kunago: ah ok, I see. That makes sense.

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subscribing :D

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