I was wondering if there was a possibility to publish and unpublish a certain node over and over again, on different days.

I am creating a sort of radio-website, and I need to know what program is on air this time of day. So my solution was to unpublish and publish a certain node at the time the program ,which the node belongs too, is broadcasted.
But a program repeats on a daily/weekly base. So I was wondering if this was possible? Or if anyone knows a module that can do that for me, I would be grateful also.



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I'm looking for the same type of functionality. I want to think that this can be done using the Rules and a PHP snippet that would return true or false depending on the day. This should work but seems like it would check for the current date every cron. I don't know PHP well enough to do this so i'm stuck.

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yeah I'm really interested in this too, is it possible?

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Closing this, as it is a duplicate of #1345666: Repeating schedules