Last updated 2 June 2014.

Note: Currently maintainers cannot add edit terms or vocabularies once they are created. To create a new vocabulary use the workaround here

Taxonomy is a powerful tool for groups. It gives possibility to organize and categorize content by adding taxonomy terms to it. Content can be sorted and displayed depending on taxonomy terms. Using taxonomy terms as arguments for panels blocks allows to show specific content in specific places on the group's page.

To start using taxonomy first you need to create a vocabulary for your group. You can create as many vocabularies as you wish.

Go to the Taxonomy tab and press "Create vocabulary".

Note: currently there is a bug which won't let you see this link. See issue: #968248: OG Vocab not available to admins of group. For the time being this workaround can be used.

Create new vocabulary

  • Specify name of the vocabulary. It will be shown to users while creating new content in your group.

    You can also specify help text, which will be shown next to vocabulary name.
  • Choose content types to which users will be able to add terms from this vocabulary.
  • By default vocabulary works as a set list of terms created by you. It also can work in "Tags" mode, which means users will be able to add terms when submitting new posts. To enable this mode make sure to check "Tags" checkbox.
  • You can allow to add multiple terms from this vocabulary to a post by checking "Multiple select". This setting applies automatically if "Tags" was checked.
  • You can specify if it is required to add at least one term from this vocabulary to each of choosen content types in order to submit them.
  • Weight option sets order in which vocabularies will be displayed.

After you created new vocabulary - you can add terms to it. Its better to use readable and understandable terms because they will be shown on the right side of your groups page in "Group categories" block (after you will add some content with those terms).

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