Bottom line: Things that are not modules should not be listed as Project Type: Module. That is what happens currently, with "Module" being the default for all miscellany that doesn't fit anywhere else. needs at least one additional category for projects which are not a module or anything else.

The largest group in this category would undoubtedly be Drush and its scripts and extensions. A site developer/deployer aid category that could also include any script that people want to share on

We should have a Miscellaneous or Other category, at the least, rather than simply miscategorizing projects. Give these scripts and anything that is clearly not a module a home. Thank you!


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Note that there is a request to make a "Course" project type for the coordination of version-controlled Drupal documentation. I support this as a top-level project type, but if there is not enough support for it yet, it is still more pressure for an "Other" project type overflow.

Issue: #489392: New Project Type: Course

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