In just about every case when I have tried to explain to people that they need this module, it has lead to mass confusion and misunderstanding. I think we really need to take a look at changing the module namespace for Drupal 7 back to Most of the people in the RDF BoF at DrupalCon agreed with this.

Just today, I received:

For example you say,
1. download but it already part of D7 core. Why should I download it?

This confusion is frustrating to no end. In some cases, people get quite snippy with me when I try to explain that they need this project.

I think we need to nip it in the bud and move the project. This would also fix the rather critical bug regarding updates.


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Definitely agree with this. Had the same type of confusion happening at the Boston Drupal meetup. There is also a core issue where you cannot download the contrib RDF module: #1087266: Update module cannot handle projects having the same name as a core module. Let's agree on a namespace and go ahead with that.

Here are my suggestions, with some attempt at explaining the project, just to see how it sounds (test it out loud too!). It's best to look at what the module currently provides to decide: RDF API includes several RDF APIs which extend the core RDF module RDF Library it's not really a library since it has quite a lot of functionalities as well (evoc, RDF UI) RDF extensions which adds extra RDF support to Drupal 7. One advantage is that RDFx is quite distinct from a lot of the other names around, such as rdflib which is also a library in python.

Based on the fact that the RDF contrib project provides more than just APIs, RDFx makes more sense to me.

Do people not like RDFx and have better suggestions?

It's a discussion we will definitely have tomorrow during the code sprint in Cambridge.

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+1 for RDFx.

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For me as a non-programmer, the project names rdfapi and rdflib sound like some modules only useful for other developers. So I'd go with rdfx.

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+1 for RDFx. It will be great to see the project living in its own space.

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Status:Active» Fixed

The RDF in contrib project for Drupal 7 has now a new home:

I've pushed the 7.x-2.x branch in the new rdfx project and created the same releases as on the old project.

Leaving this issue in the rdf project for the records. We'll have to move all the other D7 issues to rdfx though.

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oh, and don't forget to update your git clone:
git remote set-url origin

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Ahhh, much better. Good call on the big green notices on each project page. Thanks for the Git tip too!

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Project:Resource Description Framework (RDF)» RDF Extensions

Status:Fixed» Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.