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I'm writing some customizations for the search engine and would like to take into account the number of times a node had been viewed or read. I already have that part implemented, but I'm running into some trouble with setting up reindexing.

Our cron runs 4 times an hour and our server can safely process 50 nodes with Apache Solr. 50x4 = 200 nodes per hour. The problem is that on average we get about 300 page views an hour and that number is growing. If I submit a node for a reindex every time it's viewed the queue will always be full, which presents all kinds of problems.

So I need to come up with a way to moderate the submission for reindex. A couple of ways to do that are:
* Only allow submission of a node for reindex once a day
* Only submit node for reindex if it had 10+ views/reads since last reindex

I can store the timestamp of when the node was last indexed as one of it's solr fields. Same with number of views at the last time of indexing.

I think it makes sense to do the check and submission for reindex at node load time.

My questions is: How do i retrieve a particular node's values from apache solr index?


P.S. If you have a better idea of how to accomplish what I'm trying to do, please let me know.

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Ended up just using a custom table with a hook_nodeapi.

Now the node is reindexed if:
* node counter is < 10 and it has advanced 2+ views
* node counter is < 100 and it has advanced 5+ views
* node counter is >= 100 and it has advanced 10+ views

Seems reasonable for now.


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You must not be doing any caching?

Anyhow - sounds like a reasonable approach.

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What do you mean?

I'm not quite clear on the whole caching and read counter thing. I'm using Boost and Statistics Advanced Settings.

I've read that Boost isn't 100% friendly with the read counter, but haven't looked that deeply into it yet.

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