checking the "Require that an address be entered during registration" check box in the store/settings/addresses/edit requires the user to input an address on registration.

Our project sells events via the sign up module and the uc signup intergration bridging module. It allows the signup of multiple attendees to an event were by a new attendee details (email address and, compulsory User Profile fields) have to be filled out and from these a new User account is registered for this new attendee.

Currently a uc address is required for a new user account! So on order submission a host of errors are returned for the new attendee. All the required fields of the uc address.

The native, required, Profile fields are displayed on uc signup of an attendee.

It seems critical that if this check box is checked, that the uc address form included in the registeration form be included in this process.

I can provide more information, but at this time it appears that this issue is uc addresses. Apologies if I am incorrect and the porblem lies with another module e.g. uc signup intergration.


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Your description of the problem is difficult for me to understand, but I think what you are saying is that uc_signup provides an alternative way of creating user accounts and that uc_addresses does not ask for an address during this alternative process, even if one is required during registration.

From uc_signup:

If the people do not have accounts on the site the customer is prompted to create a new account for that person, entering any core user profile fields that are enabled on the site. If there are matching user accounts for the email addresses entered, then UC_Signup does not ask for their profile information.

From this description, I would guess that uc_signup duplicates the registration process but fails to call the registration hook that allows other modules to extend the information required during registration. If uc_signup wishes to provide an alternative registration process, then it must duplicate all the features of the standard registration, including the registration hook.

Also, note that when uc_addresses is added to a Drupal site, requiring an address during registration won't affect existing users—they won't have any addresses. The only way to force all users to have an address is on new sites, which is why uc_addresses will never report an error for a user without any address.

At this point, I do not believe the problem lies with uc_addresses.

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Similar issue for the UC Signup module: #1211198: conflict with Ubercart Addresses.