I am stumped as to how to get rid of breadcrumbs using basic in drupal 7. I have done everything - added the 'display:none' to every css file, altered the php in every way I could guess how, including deleting the entire 'breadcrumb' function, and NOTHING. I have no idea how to do this.

I can't find a single 'print breadcrumb' line in the whole theme. Why is this so difficult in drupal 7 compared to drupal 6? In any case, I lack good php understanding, so I think that's the main problem. But I've been searching for days and can find no way to do this. If anyone can drop some knowledge on me, I would be most grateful.


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If you remove the breadcrumb theme function in template.php it will just use drupal's core theme_breadcrumb function instead.

In page.tpl.php on line 53 is:

<?php print $breadcrumb; ?>

Maybe you didn't look hard enough! I don't think it is any more difficult in D7, a few things are different. It just means getting used to them! Hope this helps.

I have written a module called disable breadcrumbs that may be of help to you also in this case. http://drupal.org/project/disable_breadcrumbs

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Closing this as there is definitely a $breadcrumb variable. As described above.

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Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

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Why not just zap via CSS:

#breadcrumb {
display: none;

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i m using garland in drupal 7.15, want to put superfish menu block in breadcumb area. how?

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Its Very Simple to Hide Breadcrumbs, just write a simple module(you may get the coding of writing your very first module...from google)
now in init hook of that module place this coding:
$breadcrumb = array();

this will set null value for breadcrumbs and you will no longer see any breadcrumb, Simple :)