I've got a search box on the mobile version of my site (m.mysite.com?device=mobile). When a user tries to search for something, they end up with a blank page (www.mysite.com/search/node/searchterm).

Any ideas? Thanks!


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Really? Nobody has any input on how to ensure that the results of a search get sent to m.mysite.com?

This strikes me as a bona fide bug, unless someone can point me at some configuration component I've overlooked.

Thanks for reading!

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Did you ever fix this? You just need to put in Mobile Tools to not redirect to the desktop theme when anything comes up with search/* in the URL. /* for a wild card. It works for me.

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I don't see where to set that, tk421jag. Under "redirection options," I can set redirection exceptions but I'm not following the logic of how that'd work.

Would I specify "do not redirect" search/*? If so, wouldn't that basically force the mobile user to use the www. address?

Would I specify "do only redirect" search/*? If so, wouldn't that force www. users who visit search/* to be redirected to the mobile site?

It may just be poorly worded or maybe I'm just dense. :-/


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Status: Active » Postponed (maintainer needs more info)

Is this still an issue in the latest build?

What is your base url set to? It could be that when the search form is submitted, it loses the mobile tools query arguments and sends you back to the normal site.

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It isn't set for this site, but that's an interesting line of attack.

Since it isn't set, should I set it? It sounds like you're saying that might cause weirdness.