I'm finding most of the pages I'm reading over require elevated permissions to change. Seems pointless to create issues instead of changing them myself. :-)


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Title: Request to be documentatio admin » Request to be documentation admin
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Hi David - is there some particular sections you're working on (just curious)?

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I'm currently going over every page of the Getting Involved guide. Mostly because I'm actually reading it. :-)

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Just had a look at your profile, etc. you look like a pretty experienced dev, in good standing and such, so yes, docs admin role has been granted.

Please review the style guide for online docs http://drupal.org/node/338208 and ping me (arianek) or jhodgdon on #drupal-docs if you need any help. If in the future you want to edit any top level docs pages, ones that contain any legal type info that you now may have access to, or make more overarching changes, it's much appreciated if you can file issue to make a proposal and/or have the changes reviewed.

Thanks for helping with the docs!

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Thanks. I probably won't do much beyond fixing bad links and typos, but I'll make sure to adhere to all relevant guidelines.

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