In #270263: 1.0: publish the "hostmaster API" once it is frozen we discussed actually documenting the API, and then I went and hijacked the discussion towards getting up and running.

I recently discovered the existence of hosting_HOOK_post_hosting_install_task(). There must be others... Currently, hosting.api.php only includes two functions: hook_hosting_service() & hook_hosting_service_type().

As a fairly inexperienced developer, I rely heavily on such resources as Hence why I put the effort into getting our own API site up. As a mere mortal, and without the jedi-like grep/regex skills I've seen some of you wield, I'd like to see documenting the API become a priority for a 1.0 release.


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So bad/no documentation is major problem for people, so this is a major issue. It shouldn't stop a release, but should trigger one if this issue gets completed!

I'm going to start compiling a list...

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After a quick find for 'module_invoke' I get:

Hook Defined in Status Issue
hook_nodeapi_TYPE_OP hosting_nodeapi Needs review Add
hook_allow_domain hosting_domain_allowed Needs review Add
hook_hosting_queues hosting_get_queues Not documented #1113560: Document hook_hosting_queues
hook_provision_args hosting_queues_get_arguments Not documented #1113508: Document hosting_queues_get_arguments and hook_provision_args
hook_hosting_TASK_OBJECT_context_options drush_hosting_task Needs review Add
hook_hosting_TASK_TYPE_task_rollback drush_hosting_hosting_task_rollback Needs review #1113858: Document hook_post_hosting_TASK_TYPE_task
hook_post_hosting_TASK_TYPE_task drush_hosting_post_hosting_task Needs review #1113858: Document hook_post_hosting_TASK_TYPE_task
hook_hosting_quota_resource hosting_quota_admin_client_list Needs review #1113872: Document hosting_quota module
hook_hosting_quota_resource hosting_quota_admin_defaults_form, hosting_quota_get Needs review #1113872: Document hosting_quota module
hook_hosting_tasks hosting_available_tasks Needs review Add
hook_hosting_service_type hosting_server_services Needs review Add
hook_hosting_service hosting_server_services Needs review Add
hook_hosting_site_options_alter hosting_site_available_options Not documented Add
hosting_TASK_SINGULAR_summary hosting_queue_block Not documented Add
hosting_TASK_SINGULAR_list hosting_queues Not documented Add
hosting_QUEUE_TYPE_queue hosting_run_queue Not documented Add
hosting_task_TASK_TYPE_form hosting_site_list_form, hosting_task_confirm_form Not documented Add
hosting_task_TASK_TYPE_form_validate hosting_task_confirm_form Not documented Add
hook_drush_context_import hosting_drush_import Not documented Add

Which should be a complete list I think, unless there are some other strange ways of calling them.

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Status:Active» Needs work

So, if you're reading this, how can you help?

Well this is all happening in the dev-documentation branch in the git repo, so you'll either want to get that branch or have a look on gitweb.

If you want to write documentation, find a hook above that is marked 'Not documented' and add an issue that provides a patch that documents the hook, or just some words that look like a patch, I can handle the code wrestling for you.

If you want to review documentation, find a hook marked as 'Needs review' and review it! If you like the docs, then reply HERE, saying so, if you have an issue with the docs, create a NEW issue and we'll handle the review over there.


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In Part Two of Mig5's excellent article, there's reference to drush_hook_pre_hosting_task().

I don't see it in the list above, but it appears used in a few places:

./site/ drush_hosting_site_pre_hosting_task($task) {
./clone/ drush_hosting_clone_pre_hosting_task($task) {
./alias/ drush_hosting_alias_pre_hosting_task() {
./migrate/ drush_hosting_migrate_pre_hosting_task($task) {
./package/ drush_hosting_package_pre_hosting_task() {
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Yeah, so technically those are drush hooks of hostmaster drush commands. I do think they need documenting, but I'm not sure how yet.

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Right, I've added stubs for all the functions in the table above, so people can create patches more easily.

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I've merged in the first round of changes into the stable branch, yey!

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Status:Active» Needs work

anarcat did some slightly misguided re-organisation and we actually lost a lot our docs, we need to get some issues fixed on the API site, and once we have that in place we can be in a position to fix Aegir's documentation once and for all...

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Version:6.x-0.4-alpha3» 6.x-2.x-dev

Oh, this needs to happen badly :)

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Hmm, a couple more Hostmaster Drush hooks that'll need documenting:

drush_hook_provision_nginx_server_config() defined in Provision_Config_Nginx_Server::process
drush_hook_provision_nginx_vhost_config() defined in Provision_Config_Nginx_Site::process

These hooks are also invoked in the equivalent SSL classes.

Notably absent is the Nginx equivalent to drush_hook_provision_apache_dir_config().

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I just found another (so far undocumented?) hook: hook_provision_services(). I'm pretty sure we have it in the example module, though. It's looks like a provision hook, and not one of the standard pre_, post_, _rollback, ones. So, I'm adding it here as a reminder, even if this issue is focused on hostmaster hooks.

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It would also be great to document how things like this work (from Provision_Service_db):

   * Register the db handler for sites, based on the db_server option.
  static function subscribe_site($context) {
    $context->setProperty('db_server', '@server_master');
    $context->service_subscribe('db', $context->db_server->name);

'subscribe_site' is overridden in aegir_basic_auth, for example, but doesn't appear to be called (directly) from anywhere in either the front-end or back-end code.

... A bit more digging turned up the following (from init() in Provision_Context):

    // Set up subscriptions for the available services.
    $service_list = drush_command_invoke_all('provision_services');
    foreach ($service_list as $service => $default) {
      $class = "Provision_Service_{$service}";
      $func = "subscribe_{$this->type}";
      if (method_exists($class, $func)) {
        call_user_func(array($class, $func), $this);
    return true;

I have no idea how to properly document this stuff. But right now, I'm having to work with existing implementations and guesswork.

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re. my last post, I found #955018: ability to save new arbitrary data to a context from outside the service which references this great article on the subject:

Perhaps we could adapt that text to describe this functionality on the API site, in the way has guides and references to each of the major subsystems. I think we could do this with static HTML linked from hosting/example/index.php.

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    Issue #1111254 by Steven Jones: Documentation.
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