Seeing we are almost a full month into 2007 I though we would start a new topic on hosting reviews and recommends

we pick it up from 2006 thread HERE

I am currently using a shared hosting from WebHostingBuzz, and it is quiet good for my needs. I am getting the folowing, the 1st figure being what I have used and the 2nd is what I am allowed to use. All that for £48 or US$90 per year, very cheap compared to UK hosting.

Subdomains 16 / unlimited
Parked Domains 5 / 999
Addon Domains 8 / unlimited
Mysql databases 18 / unlimited
Disk usage 5253.29MB / 20GB
MySQL Disk usage 27.88 MB
Disk space available 14746.71 MB
Bandwidth (this month) 9505.63MB / 200GB
Email accounts: 8 / unlimited
Email forwarders: 0 / unlimited
Autoresponders: 4 / unlimited
Email filters 0 / unlimited
Mailing lists: 0 / unlimited
FTP accounts 12 / unlimited

You can get them here LINK

Overally I rank them 8/10


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How is there customer support? I am looking to switch from my hosting company to another. I currently use 1and1, but lately I have not been happy with there service or support. I will make a similar list to yours. This is what I get:
Sub domains - 5 / 200
Host 1and1 domains - 5 / unlimited
Host external domains - 3 / 100
MySQL databases - 9 / 50
MySQL disk usage - 100MB each is the limit
Disk usage - 913.16 MB / 200,000.00 MB
File limit - 31,670 / 262,144 files
Email accounts - 9 of 2500
Mailbox size - 2GB each is the limit
Email forwarders - 0 / unlimited
Autoresponders - 3 / unlimited
FTP accounts - 3 / 25
Monthly Transfer Volume - 2500GB is the limit
Comes with 3 free domains

I also spend about $90 USD a year, its nice that they have so much bandwidth and disk space, but a file limit is dumb (they limit the number of files you can have). For the MySQL databases, 100MB can be small at times, but the disk space you use with the databases and the email accounts is separate (It does not take away from your original 200GB)

When I started with this company, their servers seemed to be fast and their support had much faster responses. Now when you send an email to their support, you immediately get an auto-response back saying that they expect to respond to my email within the next 12 to 24 hours. I have had them go much longer than that. And there servers seem to be over-crowded or just slow, I pay for one of the 'premium' accounts, I should be put on a server that has less websites or a faster server. I did a reverse IP lookup on my site, I have 261 other sites hosted on the same server, now I found some website hosted by other web hosts and did a reverse IP lookup and have seen servers with well over 500 websites on them, so I don't understand why 1and1 is so slow.

But thats my 2 cents about 1and1

Someone told me that Site5 would be a good place to switch too, what do you all think?

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Why limit number of files?

As for mine, they are pretty fast at support, tops is 12hrs. Never gone beyond that. Don't know about weekends, I have never contacted them on a weekend.

They do good backups as well.

Anyway things differ per individual, I might come to 1and1 and enjoy my stay while you have had it bad recently, but I think you will like wehosting buzz

Visit their site and contact them from there

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It was one big thing that I looked for in selecting a host. If it doesn't cost them anything to make it unlimited, don't charge me for it. No nickel-and-diming. I looked at Site5 and ASmallOrange and chose DreamHost:

  • Domains - Unlimited
  • Subdomains - Unlimited
  • MySQL Databases - Unlimited
  • Email Adresses (Aliases) - Unlimited
  • Announcement Lists- Unlimited
  • Discussion Lists - Unlimited
  • Disk Space - 174 GB
  • Bandwidth - 1740 GB
  • MySQL and Email space - same as disk space
  • $9.95 per month (L1 plan)

Disk space and Bandwidth increase weekly when you're a customer. Mine are currently: 231 GB Disk / 2685 GB Bandwidth

Plus some extras:

  • Quicktime Media Streaming (Darwin)
  • Jabber Chat Server
  • Automatic Snapshot Backups
  • CVS Repository
  • SSH/FTP Access
  • POP/IMAP/Webmail Email access

I'm still as happy hosting with DreamHost as I was in the 2006 thread. I host several Drupal sites there, some using streaming video and the video.module. Others use a Drupal multi-site setup, which is easier on DH than most hosts, because you can just mirror a domain instead of using symbolic links. I also have an email discussion list for one customer and a Jabber server.

Support has been excellent. Most replies have taken 1-6 hours. They went beyond the call of duty when they restored a backup for me when I deleted a snapshot instead of restoring it correctly. So they have additional backups beyond the customer-accessible ones, and will restore them upon request. They have a support ticket system, a wiki, discussion forums, and a server status blog for support.

I'd use a coupon to sign up, DRUPAL50, which will remove the $50 setup fee and make it $9.95 monthly for L1. Here is a comparison of the 4 DreamHost plans.

I've been using DreamHost for Drupal since August of 2005.

- Ben

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I started out with Dreamhost, but had to move elsewhere due to poor performance. In my experience, Drupal runs very slowly on their servers.

Part of the problem is that they now run PHP as CGI instead of using mod_php (which is much faster than CGI). You can force the server to use mod_php, but it's unsupported, and it didn't work properly when I tried.

A bigger problem I ran into was poor MySQL performance. The server I was on had MySQL hosted on a separate machine, so each query had to make a round trip through the network before Drupal could process it. Drupal tends to make a lot of queries per page, and the lag adds up quickly. I played around with the Devel module and found it was taking over 3000ms to get through all the queries! It's even worse if you're doing things like embedding Gallery2. I had them move me to another server, but there was no improvement.

Enable caching can help compensate for the MySQL lag, but, unfortunately it won't help for logged in users or administrators (that's what really killed it for me, having to waiting 7 seconds for admin pages to load).

I'm not the only one who's been dissatisfied with Dreamhost's performance, take a look at these threads:

"navigating to a node can take 5-10 seconds"
"page load time is about 10 to 20sec"

I've since switched to AN Hosting, and according to the Devel module, my pages are literally loading 20-30 times faster, clocking in at about 130ms to render the entire front page. It's amazing what a well configured server can do for performance. I wrote a brief review of Drupal hosting on AN Hosting, if anyone wants more info.

John Forsythe
Blamcast - Proudly hosted by AN Hosting

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I checked this thread when I needed a new host. There seem to be many good options, but Mr. Forsythe here provided some numbers to support his opinions. Along with a more in-depth review on his website. I've been on AN Hosting for 2 weeks now and my site is noticeably quicker! I didn't time things like John, but it's definitely quicker. They have a 30 day moneyback guarantee, so you can kick the tires a bit and see for yourself.


my Drupal tutorial site:

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I use DreamHost, and am a little concerned about the MySQL situation so am keeping my eye out for a better provider. (Currently my site is in development mode, so the speed is OK, but I worry about when I get real users.)

So, based on this discussion I checked out AN Hosting. Looked promising, but...

Sure, there will always be unhappy customers sounding off (and potentially unscrupulous competitors!) but the guy seemed both reasonable and legit. That, combined with the lack of more comprehensive reviews on, etc, makes me suspicious.

For now, still searching....

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Well, I'm into my 8th month now with AN Hosting, and I still love it. To date, I've referred 56 customers to AN Hosting, and 84% of them decided to keep the service. Those are pretty good numbers. Of course, no hosting company is right for everyone, so the other 16% got full refunds. :)

John Forsythe

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I put a site up on ANhosting and have found them to be sloooooooow. Much slower than 1and1 in fact. I am currently looking around for another shared hosting provider. I had some questions for site5 but trying to reach an actual human being with questions has been impossible for me. Hostmonster looks okay, but I have also read some negative things. netnation was looking great (unmetered bandwidth) until I saw they wanted $9.95 a month for a mysql database, at least that's how I read it. SO I'm back to searching for a provide who doesn't overload their servers with sites, provides lots of bandwidth, gives ample diskspace and databases and doesn't want an arm and a reproductive organ for their service.

I'll stop daydreaming eventually and just "settle"

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I had wondered about them, so now I can take them off my list.

Right now, I think is on the top of my list.

Nancy W.
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After looking around I wound up settling on hostmonster. The setup was very quick, the drupal install was very easy. The databases there are installed on the local servers so there is no remote mysql server problems to worry about. Response time seems very quick. At the moment the server I am on has 148 other sites which is better than the usual 800-1200 I usually see. At this point I don't know if it's the norm or if it is a brand new box.

I'll keep you updated as time progresses if you're interested.

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I also have ten sites on Hostmonster and have no complaints

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if Possible, I don't want to recommend ANHosting, my experience with them is not good. I host my site on HostMonster, it works pretty very. Try

I also setup a testing web site at Lunarpages, not bad as well.

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Don't use Dreamhost, mail server goes down minimum once a month. Is very slow, (mysql is not in localhost), min 30 sec to upload a page!!!!

Bad Bad Bad!!!

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Hi all!

We have Fast and Secure EUROPEAN Web Hosting on UK servers, with cheapest prices.

Check it here -

Thank You.

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1and1 is a company providng the low cost web hosting solution. This might be good choice for beginner because of price. But when the traffic of your web site is increased, in most case, you will need to start loking for other one.

Below is a list of web hosting company will work for you
Small Business Web Hosting.’s picture

I'm in the process of looking for a new host server due to lack of performance (speed) on 1and1 server. I've a small site but for some reason, it took a few seconds to load a page. Question is, how is HostMonster performance? Is there any hostmonster's drupal website that I can look at? Do you have any suggestion on host server? We are non-profit organization and we don't have a lot of money to spend on....


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This is a fresh load of of a site and it has no content but you can try It's on hostmonster.

Hope this answers your question.

- NP -

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If anyone wants to see a Drupal site on hostmonster you can go to, it's an online community for Multimedia Developers.


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I'd like to give an update on Media Temple (about whom I complained in the 2006 thread). I've been with them since they introduced their GridServer service and complained like many others about downtime and slowdowns. However, things seem to have improved dramatically since then and although the service still isn't the fastest in the world if you're too far away from their servers it is reliable and offers more for $20 a month than I could imagine possible. I wouldn't recommend this for high profile critical path sites (supposedly their virtual and dedicated servers are pretty good for that - they run TechCrunch) but if you're like me and need to host a large number of low-medium traffic sites, particularly with US audiences, I cannot recommend them highly enough. I run Drupal, Wordpress, Gallery 2 and a homegrown CMS sites on them and they're as easy to administer as if I had my own server (full SSH, php.ini access).

I also like the way the company has addressed their problems ( Their email support isn't as good as I've had elsewhere but eventually all problems are resolved (usually first response comes in 24 hrs). But most of my problems have been related to the general levels of service and I haven't had to contact them in almost a month.

Dominik Lukes

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seconded. (mt) rocks.

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I am working on a site that is hosted on a Media Temple GridServer (someone else picked). After months of various performance problems things looked to be settling down. Then last Thursday I was testing some stuff and started getting an "Internal Server Error" which they "fixed" by changing the PHP settting to PHP 5 (was PHP 4). Now they say the only way to run Drupal on the server is with PHP 5 and switching back to PHP 4 brings the error back. Since the site was developed with PHP 4 it is not PHP 5 ready and it is causing problems and Media Temple has been slow to respond (other than saying must now use PHP 5)

PRFB’s picture

I have a lot of respect for Mike Arrington's TechCrunch, and he's a big fan...

So Media Temple looks like a strong contender for me.

The grid computing thing makes a huge amount of sense, especially for dealing with the slashdot problem. ...Which, as a friend would say, is a "champagne problem" :-)

That said, could anyone comment on the value of the MySQL Grid Container? ( vs. MySQL Smart Pool (more or less regular shared MySQL as far as I can tell)

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I'm temporarily on a Grid Container for the sites below including and it seems to make no difference (about 2000 daily page views). Would be useful for a larger site that needs more control over the database.

Dominik Lukes

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I am using the grid container for our server. The difference wasn't obvious. Things are much more stable now and faster but the grid in general was having problems for the first month or two (lots of downtime and slowness) so I am not sure how much of our better performance was due to the mysql container and how much due to improvements in the grid in general. Although, if problems occur in the future I do feel like I have more right to complain because I am paying twice as much :).

I love Media Temple though. The control panel is so easy and if you call them, you get someone who actually knows what they are talking about.

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I switched to MT about 2 months ago..and am really very happy with them. I have had a good experience both with their support and site performance.

PRFB’s picture

Well, I started using MediaTemple's GS (with MySQL container) a few months ago, as I posted above. It's definitely better than DreamHost, but it's not as quick as I'd like.

I think this has to do with my speed requirements, not my setup -- looking at dewolfe's site (which is cool, btw), I think it's about as fast as mine.

So, I'm ready to move again. This time I'm going for VPS, $90/month from Liquidweb. But it'll get me 768MB of RAM and apparently a pretty speedy processor. It's 3x what I'm paying MT, but I figure it'll be worth it for a snappy site.

I'll update in a few months... hopefully that I'm not moving yet again! =)

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I tried Great support, good performance, you can disable the safe_mode. It's very flexible.


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Do not use doteasy. They have configured their system so that drupal does not work, and if you ask them any questions they will tell you to use joomla.

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Actually, Drupal does run on Doteasy, but you have to make two URL aliases, one for /user and one for /admin, otherwise you end up on Doteasy's config panel. I don't like Doteasy myself, but my client had already bought his domain and hosting from them. A bit too expensive for what you get, IMHO.
______________________________________________________________________________________________________ - Drupal website development


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I work for struggling non-profits, ie, no money. I liked ByetHost and Awardspace because they offered free hosting that can be upgraded.

Free ByetHost
* 5 mysql databases
* forced banners
* upgraded to $2.95/mo to remove forced banners

Free Awardspace
* 1 mysql database
* no forced banners

I installed 4.7 on ByetHost for one non-profit and 5.1 on Awardspace for a second non-profit.

I was happy as a clam. Then ByetHost reorganized their clusters unannounced changing DNS and usernames, passwords, etc. and my web site went down. I struggled for 5 days to get it working and could not even get a reinstallation to work. phpMyAdmin was crippled so I had to load up some utilities for database backup and restore. I am still struggling. My concern with BH is they don't mind changing things and disabling php functions on the fly. htaccess is a minefield. If your php code has errors involving permissions or access, BH throws up a generic screen that hides any details. Not a stable platform.

Awardspace seems to be more stable. I will see how it goes.

I am now looking for another free/cheap service to replace ByetHost. I don't want to put all my eggs in the Awardspace basket, but I may have to.


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I was on Byethost's free service for a few weeks and it was a bit ropey but fair enough for something that was free and reasonable support.

Then I signed up to their paid hosting and got a much better Control Panel, no problems with MySQL and when I had a nightmare with the HTMLtidy module (they ban execution files on their site) they installed the appropriate script (see

Site seems to run OK at the moment so I would vote for these guys, though I've only be using Drupal for a few weeks so far. Will be interesting to see how it goes after a few months.

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I recommend HostMonster. HostMonster with unlimited domains, unlimited MySQL, PHP, live 24/7 free phone support.

Dreamhost is a close runner up. Dreamhost also has unlimited domains and unlimited MySQL. But it is slightly more expensive and does not have unlimited phone support. But Dreamhost does have a great referral program. For example, I can create a "promo code" (such as "educational") that I can give to people. If people enter that "promo code" when signing up for hosting with Dreamhost, then I get $97 dollars. I can even give that person a discount (say $25) if they use the promo code. But that $25 dollars comes out of my $97 dollars.


Yatmandu’s picture

I'll second that and recommend HostMonster. I find their service is very good and the site is always up and fast. That's after trying a few "freebies" like Byethost and award where I had a lot of headaches. I just set up a Drupal site on HM without a hitch.

kforet’s picture

I left siteground for hostmonster about a week ago. So far so good. The performance is much, much better that I had.

R. Dell’s picture

Are you still liking their service?


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Would you run phpinfo() and list the disabled php functions?

// see

// save as phpinfo.php and access: http://yourdomain/path/phpinfo.php
// search for directive: disable_functions




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Do not go to US Web Design and Hosting. They allow their customer service guy to go ballistic over nothing and then express his personal prejudice by pulling the plug suddenly. Besides, they charge way too much for a domain name.

I am currently using and they are pretty good stink. I use the lowest level "reseller" plan (cheap) to host a bunch of sites. My only first complaint is the same one I've gotten at every host I've used: If you ask a question about something related to Drupal, they say "Go back to the person who gave you the command." That's not very useful when it comes to things like setting up Cron, which is so host-dependent. The other thing biggest problem is that they do have [often extended] periods of slow-downs or just down; that's a risk when you use shared hosting, but this is incredibly bad and frequent. Yesterday, all my sites were down for over 5 hours because "we had a user abusing the system."

Nancy W.

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- Extensive user reviews and ratings of hundreds of web hosts.
- 79 web hosts had the minimum number of reviews to receive rankings.
- Ratings by one or two users can skew rankings so read reviews to make sure the rankings are warranted.
- Provides Best and Worst lists with reviews.
- Measure web host for lost packets and delays. Packets are sent from several sites in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.
- Monitor web host at set intervals
- 159 Ranked web hosts.


ergophobe’s picture

Manyweb hosting rating services are actually run by a webhost and are as unreliable or more so than this poll.... now who is it that has a nice write up on that? I'm not saying that's the case here, but I know it to be the case with many that I have seen.

Yosemite Explorer - hiking and climbing in Yosemite (drupal)

Yosemite Explorer - hiking and climbing in Yosemite (drupal)

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I have been researching web hosts for 2 weeks after having some bad experiences.

I wanted a shared web host with
* excellent user reviews
* low fees
* monthly billing cycle
* no setup fee
* no disabled PHP functions
* reliable track record
* responsive support
* Paypal payments

PolurNET appears to meet my criteria.


PoluNET reviews and reliability:
Packet delay for for server #8 BISMARK:

PolurNET Status reports:
--> forums for 8 servers (requires one forum account)

Server #1
Since: December 30, 2006
Outages: 1
Total Uptime: 99.995%
Monitor: Every 5 minutes
Last Check: March 2, 2007 at 6:10 PM PST+3.0
Year Outages / Checks Uptime
2007 1 / 17924 99.994%
2006 0 / 374 100.000%
Year Month Outages / Checks Uptime Downtime
2007 March 0 / 485 100.000% 0.000%
2007 February 0 / 8200 100.000% 0.000%
2007 January 1 / 9239 99.989% 0.011%
2006 December 0 / 374 100.000% 0.000%
Average response time: 0.079 seconds

Server #8
BISMARK is the server used for new customers
Since: February 14, 2007
Outages: 1
Total Uptime: 99.936%
Monitor: Every 5 minutes
Last Check: March 2, 2007 at 6:01 PM PST+3.0
Year Outages / Checks Uptime
2007 1 / 4719 99.936%
Year Month Outages / Checks Uptime Downtime
2007 March 0 / 470 100.000% 0.000%
2007 February 1 / 4249 99.929% 0.071%
Average response time: 0.051 seconds

If anyone has experience with PolurNET as a Drupal host, please post.

I will update this post with my experiences.


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I think you can try to visit, where is a place to find reliable web hosting solution for the web site with affordable price.

swimswimswim’s picture

AngryHosting rocks.

The servers are fast (both in adminstration and serving), the spam filters are top notch, the control panel is simple and clean, and their minimal plans are unmatched in value. $12/year for a GB of storage, what! They are security minded and they don't run php as cgi.

The trade off is support is by email only.

andydev’s picture

I've been hosting my sites on Servage for the past year. They work great with drupal!

For eu6.35 a month you will get:
250gb space (25gb more if you use the coupon)
2100gb transfer
Unlimited email accounts
1000 mysql databases.
Unlimited domains and subdomains.

and also, you get a domain name for one year (or an extension of a current one)

Every support call I've made, they've given quick and informative replies.

Use this link to get 25gb more space:

Atty’s picture

We've been using midphase for a while. Just recently they changed something and now when we try to enable mods we get a fatal error about memory. They tell us we are using too much CPU. So We'll be going elsewhere. If we can't even do a Drupal core install without errors then we're outa there!

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Hey all,

I've been following the webhost reviews for some time now, as my 2-year contract with my current host is up in June of this year. My current host, iPower, recently started advertising 200GB of disc space, but don't tell you about the 50k file count limit. I've read so many reviews from different sites that my eyes need a vacation...

What I am currently hosting with ipower is this:

Personal / family website powered by drupal and gallery
At last count, over 5k photos, taking up just over 2GB of disc space
My Drupal install hosts a few meager (aka dead) forums ;), tons of RSS feeds, and a few blogs. It's mainly just a place for me to share my photos, and eventually the results of my genealogical research.

The site is currently hovering at just under the 50k file count limit, so I can't add more pictures easily until I relocate the site.

I was wondering if anyone else was using a webhost that offered something between 5-10GB of space without wanting a virtual arm and leg for it.

Thanks!! Ian

thn99’s picture

How did you able to instal drupal on iPower ? How did you able to grant your db user LOCK TABLE previlege ? I am new to drupal.

I have an account with iPower and try to install drupal 5.1 on it. Apparently, I did not succeed.


Ian Hargest’s picture

I downloaded the latest version of drupal, and extracted the archive to my computer. I created a folder on my website in which to test Drupal and used FTP to copy the files there.

After weeks of testing and tweaking, I moved it from the subfolder to the root of my website, thus making it the active content on my site. To grant additional permissions needed by Drupal, I emailed tech support and requested that the DB Admin user account I associated with Drupal be given the necessary permissions.

Regards // Ian

clea023’s picture

I am running Drupal 5 on iPower. When I ran into the LOCKED TABLES issue, I just called up tech support, gave them the name of my dB and the username -- less than 30 seconds: fixed.

If you have an iPower prob anytime between roughly 7pm-5am PST -- you can usually get through to tech support via phone within a minute or two at most. The longest I have ever waited at night was about 5 minutes.

During PST daytime, if you aren't up for sitting on hold somewhere between 3-60 minutes, go with email. I live on night-shift so quickie bits like that don't seem to bother the techs too terribly.

femrich’s picture

I'm on OpenSourceHost (, which I found through their partner site, OpenSourceCMS ( I think they're package is very competitive, but what attracted me to them was their focus on open source CMS and other software. They'll install and upgrade packages for no extra charge, and though I am trying to do all the installation and back-end stuff myself, they have excellent service, usually responding within a couple of hours, and have really helped me out on some stuff that I couldn't figure out myself. I'm really happy with them.

Regarding their support, I find they are willing to go a step beyond for customer support CMS questions. If they don't know the answer, they don't just tell you, "that's a CMS problem," but they actually try to figure it out by investigating the CMS documentation. Wow!

wiksupport’s picture

I've had some good experiences with opensourcehost, but recently their support has been very quick to close a ticket without addressing the issue or reading the ticket fully.

Previous problems with their billing system not automatically accepting my credit card so that I had to put it in each month to get the transaction to go through have been a hassle. Also incomplete migration of acccounts to a new domain caused them to later terminate a fully paid account because it they had failed to transfer the billing and contact information to the new domain when the migration took place.

Some of their support team is really good, others are not, and the administration has proven troublesome to the point of causing outages.

I wish them the best of luck in restoring their image and my faith in them as they seemed to have alot of potential.

jacobson’s picture

I have been on opensourcehost for at least a year and I have been quite happy with the performance and support. Help desk tickets receive a response almost always within a couple of hours. Performance is good, and software support is broad and current. SSH access is a big plus.


rodsherwin’s picture

I was a fan of OpenSourceHosting until their recent buy out by a larger company. I had endless DNS problems when they migrated their servers AND there was no notification of the migration.

I hadn't looked at my Drupal install since before the migration and find that it just doesn't function anymore.

It's a real pity since their focus on open source tools was a real draw card. I have also had the experience of them closing trouble tickets without fixing the problem as well.

Anyone have any other experiences to share since they were bought out?


yktdan’s picture

We are running our new web design on OSH but lately are running only 95-96% uptime. We may leave if it doesn't improve soon. No users on it yet, just developers.

Walt Daniels

rickcohen’s picture

I'm looking at Dreamhost as a potential host for my Drupal site (particularly because of their nonprofit program) and was wondering about their reliability. I've been reading reviews of their service on other sites and a few people are talking about downtime or slow performance at least once a week. Is anyone else having these issues, or are these just a couple customers who had a problem once (hey, nobody's perfect) and are really blowing things out of proportion?

I'm looking to host a site with CiviCRM and Organic Groups (and a few other smaller modules) and want to be sure I'm signing up with a reliable host. Thanks.

rimma’s picture

After I read all these comments about hosting providers, my conclusion is no one is perfect and which one you choose is depending on your needs. If you are just try to set up a website with Drupal, I think the free hosting is the best choice-it is free but possibly, it is a little slow and not so good service. For other hostings, it depends on what kind of website you design and how good performance you wish. If you want something like big multimedia website, you should take more time to make decision. However, if your website is just about some news, simple forums etc. My suggestion is that for these hostings discussed by users, choose the best deal.
I use dreamhost because I get a good deal. currently it is working very well.
there are something i should mention,
first, when you create the first database, it will take 10 minutes. But from the second, it set up your database immediately.(how long is "immediately", it is possibly several seconds, I never calculate.)
second, until now i only sent one support request , I sent my email at 09:27:35 and got reply at 20:58:27 at the same day. the question is about the "memory exhausted", before they replied I figure it out according to
third, it has one-click installation function but not including drupal.
Finally, I am a newbie, the first time to use Drupal and the first time to set up a website.

If you want to try, here is a 75 dollar coupon for one year service. just input code 75DOFF.


Cayenne’s picture

Similar experience with Dreamhost. Sent in one support request (my error in an .htaccess file) and got a response and workaround in less than an hour.

Pretty inexpensive. Search for coupons and you can get a range of savings.

Tons of storage and bandwidth. Several "one-click" installs (though not Drupal) of goodies. You can even recompile php if you need to. I am planning to do that, as there is one unsupported function that I want.

I am sure that there are many useful shared hosts out there, but this one works for me.

testhosts’s picture

There isn't a perfect webhoster, that is why I use five!
My favourite one is LunarPages. Because I can only have 10 addon domains there, I host most of my smaller sites (just html) with Dreamhost.
If you are looking into any webhosting service, and need a coupon, check
I try to get the best ones out of the companies. And the more referrals I get, the better coupons they give me.

gurukripa’s picture

i am looking at a good host..
opinions here are tht Dreamhost is bad...
i tried siteground..they are ok..but lack speed. lots of space..and domans...but their servers are always down..

so someone pls give some solid advice..i can spend..100-150 dollars a year.

fluxrider’s picture

ixwebhosting runs php4.1 possibly upgrading to 4.2 . Thats what their support said. 4.2 ???? , jeez . When I suggested that they will lose customers by the droves soon if they are not on a minimum of 4.3 they , well, pfft. They run all the apps needed for drupal , but there is no way I'm loading drupal 5 or above on them . 4.76 runs , but is slow - especially when americans wake up. Lets face it . If a host will not run php 5 then whats the point. Yet I cant get them past 4.2.
Time to move on.....

mrgoltra’s picture

I use IX and they have servers that are running php5. All you need to tell them is you want your account on that server. That is what I am doing now. I am backing up all my files and let them know when I am done. I stil need to know about downtime though.

ekrispin’s picture

I was about to move my domains to webhostingbuzz (excellent 3$ per month for 30GB disk and 1000GB bandwith and unlimited domains hosted) but then I read on the net a lot of very bad reviews about webhostingbuzz, mainly pertaining to servers frequently going down, slowdowns, disconnected service and poor customer.service.

See sample reviews in the following links:

mmm I guess I will keep on searching...

droople’s picture

Maybe that's why I don't really notice the negative side of things,

though I have had the odd, site down, just once

Thanks for the links

Perhaps I won't renew this June

bpb’s picture

I used Webhostingbuzz for a year and dropped them, moving to WestHost. WebHostingBuzz started off great for me, but then their mail servers targeted Yahoo's mail servers as spam sources, and they largely ignored my issues or claimed there was no issue. Also, I could never determine if the numerous outages were just server lag, network congestion, or something else.

I've been with WestHost for over a year with my personal site ($7/mo). It's VPS, 5GB storage, 100GB transfer, numerous DBs (MySQL), SSH access, and numerous software packages easily installed through their manager interface. They include Joomla but not Drupal in their installable package list, but with SSH access getting Drupal installed was easy. They are very good about sending out maintenance downtimes emails, and while the VPS tech in general can be laggy, after initial contact latency the site is very responsive.

ekrispin’s picture

Just to share with you: soon after my above post about Webhostingbuzz, we moved our domains to Dreamhost and I must say that up to now we are very satisfied. Great upscale hosting to our experience and for a ridiculous price for the 1st year (I used a coupon posted by someone here in

nickeve’s picture

I tried SiteGround and was not happy at all with their services. In the month I used them the site was super slow, or completely down a number of times.

Their installation of PHPMyAdmin didn't work 90% of the time.

The customer service response was quick, but not very good or thorough. I had several tickets closed with reasons like, file under a different subtopic. WTF is that? In this day and age the support team should be able to shuffle tickets around to respond to problems, not put the onus back on the customer. They also tended to blame my ISP for problems even though I've never had the problem at any other hosting companies I have used, and the problems occured from multiple locations using competely different ISPs.

Finally I got fed up and tried to cancel 31 days in. Even though there is a 30 day money back deal, at day 31 they won't even return part of your money.

So, just avoid SiteGround. There are better offers out there anyway. They don't give you any add on domains for free for example.
Stay away. Far away.

kforet’s picture

I concur totally. I had siteground for three horrible months. All I ever got were blank pages. The worst page load times you could imagine. Like you, support was no help. They said everything was on my end and I needed to upgrade my service. Their tech support people are just low level sales people trying to get you to upgrade service. I switched hosts and suddenly page load problem disappeared. Stay away from Siteground!!!!

thetechguide’s picture

I also had problems with Siteground: terrible technical support via email, very slow page loads. I switched to Site5 and have been very happy with them. Prompt and accurate technical support and good user forums to get answers to questions. SSH access, multisite domains, dedicated IP address, PHP 4 or 5.

BryanSD’s picture

What version of MySQL does Site 5 carry these days?


silverwing’s picture

My server is showing mysql 4.1.22. According to a forum post, they have no plans to go to mysql 5. However, they should have PHP5 set as the default php on all their servers in the next few (6?) months or so.



NancyDru’s picture

End of Product Lifecycle.
Active development and support for MySQL database server versions 3.23, 4.0, and 4.1 has ended. However, for MySQL 4.0 and 4.1, there is still extended support available. For details, see According to the MySQL Lifecycle Policy (see, only Security and Severity Level 1 issues will still be fixed for MySQL 4.0 and 4.1. Please consider upgrading to a recent version (MySQL 5.0 or 5.1).

Nancy W.
Drupal Cookbook (for New Drupallers)
Adding Hidden Design or How To notes in your database

silverwing’s picture

I read a post wrong, Site5 will announce their mysql5 plans later this week or so. Why I thought they had no plans of upgrading, I don't know. I really thought I read that on their forums.



ckeo’s picture

$8.10 per month (canadian).
- 310Gigs. storage.
- 3000 gigs monthly transfer.

Mail Features
- Unlimited POP3 Mailboxes [?] - Unlimited IMAP Mailboxes [?]
- Unlimited E-Mail Forwarders - SMTP Server
- Online Mail Access (Webmail) - Catch-All Mailbox [?]
- Spam Filtering [?] - Unlimited Mailing Lists

Web features
- 310 GB Web Space (310000 MB) [?] - 3000 GB Transfer [?]
- Unlimited FTP Accounts [?] - FTP Access [?]
- 1000 MySQL Databases (v4 & v5) [?] - FTPS (Encrypted FTP)
- PHP v4.4.4 & PHP v5.2.1 [?] - GD Support [?]

- Shockwave & Flash [?] - Microsoft Frontpage Support
- Custom Error Pages - WAP Enabled [?]
- XML Support [?] - Mod_Rewrite Enabled
- EXIF Support [?] - CGI/Perl [?]
- SSI Support [?] - Python Support
- Private CGI-BIN [?] - ionCube Loader
- Zend Optimizer - Run Zend Encoded Scripts
- Optional Hotlink Protection - CURL Enabled
- PHPMyAdmin - Webbuilder Software Included
- ImageMagick Support - Netpbm Support
- Ruby on Rails - Wildcard Domains
- Password Protected Directories - Full .htaccess & .htpasswd Support

Additional Features (included)
- Web Based Administration Panel - Full DNS Management
- 1 New Domain Included (or transfer) - Multiple Domain Hosting
- Unlimited Subdomains - Own Cronjobs
- Online Web Statistics - Online Filemanager

- Automatic Script Installer [?]
Content Management Systems:
Drupal v4 (4.7.5)
Drupal V5 (5.0.0)
E107 (0.7.8)
Joomla (1.0.12)
PHPFusion (6.01.6)
Postnuke (0.764)
Typo3 v4 (4.1.1)

WordPress (2.1)

Discussion Boards:
phpBB v2 (2.0.22)
punBB v1 (1.2.14)
SMF (1.1.2)

ZenCart (1.3.7)

Groupware scripts:
WebCalendar (1.0.5)

OpenBook (1.2.2)

Image Galleries:
Coppermine (1.4.10)
Gallery V2 (2.2.1)
MG2 (0.5.1)


DokuWiki (2006-11-06)
PmWiki (2.1.27)

And another interesting feature:

Servage Webdrive

As addition to common uploading methods such as FTP and HTTP we also offer the Servage Webdrive. This feature enables you to mount your hosting account as a drive (e.g. S:) on your local PC.

Virtual Hard Disk
Use your Servage account for personal documents and files. You can access your data from any Internet connected PC. No more need for USB keys, CDs and Disks.

In many cases it is inconvenient to use a normal FTP client when creating scripts or websites as each change must be manually uploaded.

Easier Web Programming
Creating and updating scripts is easy when your hosting account is mounted as drive. Webdrive allows you to use your favorite editor and simply save your changes and the changes are applied to your hosting environment – instantly!

With Webdrive you can take full advantage of the high amount disk space included in your account. You are no longer limited to hosting only your website and email but can also use your account as external storage!

NancyDru’s picture

It would be nice if they actually had the CURRENT releases of Drupal...

Nancy W.
Drupal Cookbook (for New Drupallers)
Adding Hidden Design or How To notes in your database

ckeo’s picture

It dosnt install drupal.... it just copies it to your directory... you still have to run install.php.

besides why knock them for at least giving you that option.

well anyway comments like yours are why ive been staying away from drupal mfor the last year.

NancyDru’s picture

I am a proponent of Fantastico. I argue with the opponents frequently. But if they particular host is not up to date, then I find fault with them, not Fantastico.

Nancy W.
Drupal Cookbook (for New Drupallers)
Adding Hidden Design or How To notes in your database

ckeo’s picture

i guess i'll go find another project with a more friendlier community.

JohnForsythe’s picture

good luck ;)

John Forsythe

jeffrey.dalton’s picture

I don't write this lightly as I have been a huge fan of TextDrive. A buddy and I got together and bought in early with them for the $500 lifetime hosting account. Initially they were hands down the best host I have ever used for this level of hosting.

Now the servers go down over and over several times a day and I get lame tech support replies 5 to 6 days later, if at all, saying the server has been known to have issues but none can be found. This is seriously lame hosting now... my guess is this is their way of dumping those foolish early clients that bought in.

It is a shame with all the amazing open source software out there these hosting companies provide such crappy hosting for the community. I decide to post this to save some other folks the hassle of believing the hype of TextDrive.

Jeffrey Dalton
Creative Director & Founding Partner
BKJ Digital

uksigma’s picture

this is a plug for my own hosting company

We have just launched our own hosting company (reseller), Fsh Hosting and as part of the Drupal community, I hope you will consider using us to host with. We offer three levels of hosting package;

Please see the Fsh Hosting website where you can compare our hosting packages

If you have any questions, then send us a message (Contact Fsh Hosting)
Fsh Media¦Fsh Hosting - Website hosting¦Fsh Publishing - Online magazines¦

Danltn’s picture

I've been using ByetHost for over 6 months, and although I had a 2 day patch of downtime when they upgraded their servers, they've been completely good otherwise.

The hosting comes with a free domain, and is only £20/yr. Includes 5GB space and 250GB b/w.

It comes with a Drupal auto installer, and it fully installs it, everything - The database, copying, etc.

Also all the installers (about 40) are the latest versions, when a new version comes out it is normally update within 15-90 minutes.

Their support is excellent, and very quick to respond.

I'd definitely recommend them as a budget host.

morrisqueto’s picture

I've been his client for over 1 year.
Packages increased storage size and transfer ammount some months ago.

The service is really great and I think is cheap and worth.

For 6.95 a month you get 50 Gb of disk space and 200 Gb of bandwith.
Cpanel with fantastico included.

My site

O Govinda’s picture

I started with them when I started my site, about two years ago, and have been happy with them ever since. Steady, reliable, straightforward, courteous.

O Govinda

cozzi’s picture

I just had to laugh on the "my eyes are bleeding" post, mostly because I was thinking the very same thing!

I need to switch hosts, but I'm not sure the grass is greener on the other side of the fence because I switched to the host I am at because my previous host was not delivering.

I think a chart listing the features most important to "our" community should be put up. It could be handled like any Drupal project (I would even volunteer to author and moderate.)

This chart would have two huge benefits in my opinion:

A) A drupal user could quickly find a host that really meets their needs. (Let's face it, some of us need lightening speed and some don't)
B) A host that's not cutting the mustard, but wants the business of our ever so quickly growing community could see at a glance where they are going wrong and address it.

What do you think?

julianridge’s picture


offers quite cheap and affordable hosting service on UK based servers.

Subdomains - unlimited
Parked Domains - unlimited
Addon Domains - unlimited
Mysql databases - unlimited
Disk usage 200MB / 25GB
MySQL Disk usage - combined with package disk quota
Bandwidth (this month) 2GB / 250GB
Email accounts - unlimited
Email forwarders - unlimited
Autoresponders - unlimited
Email filters - unlimited
Mailing lists - unlimited
FTP accounts - unlimited

Most important aspects of eUKhost Hosting plans are are high security of servers, quick software updates, Uptime, Server Hardware Quality, browsing speed and support response.

jsimonis’s picture

I know some people have had trouble, but I've had very few problems with their hosting. I've been hosting Drupal sites there for more than 2 years now. On my reseller account I have more than 20 Drupal sites running, and I maintain several on old multi-site accounts as well as the $5 Deal accounts.

Ever since they moved their accounts around to have even fewer accounts per server, I've had almost zero problems. The few things I've run into are minor and taken care of quickly.

Setting up multi-sites has been extremely easy ever since I learned how to do symlinks. Now I'm running several multi-site setups.

My favorite thing about the reseller account is my "skeleton" directory. In there I keep the newest version of Drupal along with the modules I use most often. When I create a new account, the files are automatically copied into the account. My next step is going to be making a site with the most common used settings for all the modules. Then I can load that using PHPMyAdmin and I won't even have to go through and do all the module settings every time.

Jenni S.
Portland, OR metro area
Contact Me

lionheart8’s picture

I am considering hosting several sites on one account and so looking for a relatively cheap host, but with lots to offer. I am using dreamhost, bluehost & co for orientation, however to get something a little bit cheaper.
I intend to host at least 2 drupal sites, one likely to be a relatively busy community site, with lots of modules activated [high resources use?] and a regional web directory & search engine - but beginning with a small budget.

The candidates are , [Business plan] and please take a look at them.

Hostingplex, based in Toronto is the favorite, at $3.95/month, if prepaid for 2 years, free domain, 300GB, unlimited add-on domains, etc...
Lots of similarities regarding other specifics with the other 2, except that vexxhost demands for 200GB, $4.95, Startlogic for 300GB $5.95.

Does anyone have any experience with any of them, or have any comparable hosts below $6 to recommend?


jsimonis’s picture

Like I said above, I like using Site 5. I use their $5 deal for a few sites -- 110 GB of space and 5 TB of bandwidth.

It's $5 if you prepay for 2 years, more if you prepay less.

Jenni S.
Portland, OR metro area
Contact Me

andrewjj’s picture

Globat is giving a free year of hosting at the moment:


drupalina’s picture

I've read somewhere in this forum that Drupal can't run on Globat. I remember there was a post by a guy who signed up to Globat's generous package and later found out that Global does not support the basic things which are need for running Drupal.

Does anyone know if this is still true?

qolspony’s picture

I started out with Globat. I had problems right when my year ended. Then I went to IPower. There tech support was bad in the very beginning. They did not want to negotiate. So I drop them in two weeks. At the end, they asked why I was leaving. I told them, they were too stuck on themselves! Then I went to was the first hosting company that allowed me to host multiple websites. There tech support is a lot better. But there servers are slow. And just recently, I found they update their php.ini too often. This affects my CMS that uses Server Side Includes (SSI). I did not know this until recently. $1,000 later (3 developers).

I want to turn my CMS over to Drupal, but I know it is going to be very expensive! I just paid a developer $300 dollars for nothing, because after 2 weeks with the site working, the SSI stop showing up. So what I need to do is negotiate a payment plan, so I'm not plucking down the entire amount. If only life was so simple.

Anyway, I anxious to switch to Drupal for a new hosting company that treats SSI friendly. I've designed my page similar to "the onion." Actually, The Onion uses the drupal cms and it functions very well. I'm sure their site is built on the server side includes that my site is built on. All I need to know is if I change the hosting company, it won't interfere with the functionality of my website.


nevets’s picture

If a web site is using Drupal the content normally comes from the database and server side includes are not the norm.

starwalker’s picture

Hi all!

We have Fast and Secure EUROPEAN Web Hosting on UK servers, with cheapest prices.

Check it here -

Thank You.

* * * * * * * * * * --- Fastest European Hosting

apsivam’s picture

I'm using happily. They give 4GB storage with 60GB bandwidth per month with their budget plan.

Sivanandhan, P. (a.k.a. apsivam)

GiorgosK’s picture

I am using their cheap reseller package,
The service used to be slow but its getting a lot better.
Its probably the best value for the money (I still pay $4.95/month)
Webhost manager included in all packages.

I would definetelly upgrade to site5, any more comments on site5 ? (how about the reseller packages ?)

Web design/development - play funny games online

yas’s picture

I used site5 since 2005 through a middle of 2006. After that, I changed my reseller hosting provider from site5 to resellerzoom (just one year ago) because my own perl script on cron had sometimes abused a site5's server and I was given alerts from them. I had to look for a budget reseller hosting provider, and I found resellerzoom.

What I think of Site5's good point is their e-mail based support. Their responses were very fast. Very Quick response. Their support was really professional. And also I was able to check my server uptime with the following URL (still currently available):

In terms of donwtime, I think resellerzoom is much better. However maybe currently site5 is improved --- I am not sure.

The network speed, are the same based on my own cgi measurement script.

I feel resellerzoom is the same as site5. Their e-mail response is fast. Site5 is maybe a litte more faster than resellerzoom, however, the differential would be negligible so I have nerver minded so far. Virtually both the e-mail based support service level is the same.

I agree with GiorgosK that the resellerzoom's server is recently getting better than before (a half year ago).

I think resellerzoom is a little more tolerant in comparison to site5 when I run my own heavy script. (Site5 was sever and stop my hosting service without notifying)

I bet site5's technical skills because they had encouraged RoR before it is broadly recognized. I liked site5, if I have any chance, I will use site5. But currently I have no complaint about resellerzoom, either. It's more than worthwhile paying to them. I also stillpay $4.95/mo.

--- yas’s picture

Some of you might find interesting a new article about Drupal Hosting on

Drupal Themes Live Preview -

TallDavid’s picture

Readers may want to take the Web Hosting Providers section of the article about Drupal Hosting on with a grain of salt. The links in this section are affiliate links and at least one of them is for a terrible hosting provider: (I speak from personal experience).

My 2 cents.

ergophobe’s picture

I've been using Jag for several years. I was with Aletia, which was mediocre, until they got bought out by JaguarPC, and now they've been top notch (perhaps 6 years with Jag so far).
* 17,000 MB web space
* 210,000 MB transfer
* Unlimited domains & email
* MySQL PHP4/5, Ruby on Rails
* $8/month (I think it's actually something like $7.97*12 billed annually

*Drupal Support.
They have fantastico push-button Drupal install, though frankly, I don't care for fantastico. If you just want plug and play, though, it's an easy way to get Drupal up and going without having to use FTP or what have you.

*Tech Support.
I rate it as absolutely excellent, but be aware that they have added phone support and live chat in the last year. Before that it was ticket system only. I have not used support since they added phone support and that may have degraded or improved the overall service. I have no idea. Every interaction I've had with tech support has been great though.

Yosemite Explorer - hiking and climbing in Yosemite (drupal)

Yosemite Explorer - hiking and climbing in Yosemite (drupal)

Pawlowski-dupe’s picture

Note from admins:This user is suspected to be a shill of See also

I have found a very good Web Hosting Company -
I use their Friendly plan for Just $4,95/mo and I have unlimited MySQL DB, E-mails etc.
On sign-up, you receive a free domain, but you can host as many as you wish.
Besides their support team is really good!!!
I sincerely recommend them!

PRFB’s picture

Well, for the second time in a month I had random server outage / extreme slowness.

My sites are extremely low traffic: one is a family-only site, the other is currently in development.

One of the reasons I decided to try DreamHost was that I appreciated their apparent honesty in posting issues on "System Status." They showed some issues, even some serious ones, but they appeared to be resolved promptly and intelligently.

What I now know is that my accounts are affected by issues that do NOT appear on "System Status", and that occur much more frequently.

So, I've signed up for MediaTemple, and am running a test site there for the moment. So far Drupal seems to run much faster than on DH. On the down-side, their Knowledge Base is pretty poor -- DH's wiki always seemed to have documentation of my issues. So if you're just starting out (like I was a few months ago) and you need color-by-numbers, DH is OK training wheels, but MT seems to be the 10-speed.

cozzi’s picture

I have a feeling I'll be making a move from DreamHost also. This morning I found that I can no longer Copy/Move my drupal directory between my staging site and my live site. I get a (by design) Script Termination Error telling me the process has taken more than the allocated 30 seconds.

This is a huge land mine. I don't even know how I will move away now? I guess FTP each sub directory one at a time?

I don't believe this issue existed in the past because I've moved and backed-up entire drupal sites numerous times without issue.

fgreen’s picture

I noticed something similar and was instructed that if I use an FTP client (I've choosen WinSCP) or Shell (either putty or command line mode in WinSCP) the timeout is not an issue. Additionally, I'm told that using Shell or FTP also taxes the server far less than their web UI file manager - so you are also being good to your neighbors.

I must admit that page loads are slow.

Giving them the benefit of the doubt, their support is quite good so I am going to have a crack at asking them today if they would consider addressing the speed issue for us.

I will be sure to post an update here should Dreamhost address or correct the speed issue.

lionseyeball’s picture

I have had horrible luck with Dreamhost's performance in general, but their configuration is better than the others I've tried. I chalk it up to being physically located on the other side of the world, but either way it's intollerable for me. It takes forever to upload or download via ftp to my site, email goes down temporarily at least once a week (it's been 7 months now) and sometimes my mail client silently fails to download mail from them. I call about it and they say it must be my mail client, but then it mysteriously starts working again after they look into it. That said, I'm also using MyCreatingOnline, which uses PHP as CGI, and I can't seem to use .htaccess files without turning up an internal server 500 error. This is keeping me on Drupal 4.6 (yuck!). I just installed the latest version on Dreamhost and it's working like a charm. I'm thinking about going dedicated on 1and1...

I should say though, for what it's worth, the support at MyCreatingOnline is absolutely incredibly fantastically awesome -when they can help. The longest I've waited for a response is 34 minutes, shortest was 18 minutes. And many of those requests involved their people looking at files on my site, understanding them, and providing feedback. I've never heard of that anywhere else.

dreric’s picture

I have similar issue with dreamhost last month and canceled subscription now, apart from their not so friendly web interface -cpanel..not really. However I have large space after one year with them, well I just hate it when I have to twist php in drupal. Now I am with slhost, smaller space and much less bandwidth.. but super support within minutes.

Melbourne Australia
My Weight Training Blog

kforet’s picture

You guys should try Hostmonster. I switched over about 6 weeks ago and have been very pleased with everything including their tech support. I now have much faster page loads, very little down time and excellent support when I have needed it.

dlambert’s picture

I've been with them for a couple years without any real problems. Uptime was always decent, performance was fair (definitely not quick, but ok).

This week, though, uptime has been awful, and customer service dismal:

I'm still stewing, but definitely considering a switch.

gtoddv’s picture

Bottom line isn't what the hosting provider gives you, but what your site requires. Unlimited bandwidth doesn't mean anything if your Drupal site is using 30% CPU resources. Shared hosting is for low traffic, low query, sites.

One of my 5.2 Drupal sites is serving 800-1,000 truly unique visitors per day. Even with the v5.0 performance setting and throttling, my site is taking a big nick out of the CPU. It would be more useful if folks posted traffic statistics with their recommendations. Then a person could get a better comparison of what a host can provide them.

A hosting provider these days can promise you just about anything, but the minute your site actually becomes useful to more than a handful of users, they will shut you down in a heartbeat. There is no such things as unlimited. A shared host isn't going to sacrifice an entire server full of accounts just so your Drupal site can run flawlessly. Bandwidth is just a marketing tool. My site is multimedia and full of forum posts and articles and it only uses a maximum of 40 gig a month. So offering me 250 gig of transfer per month doesn't really mean squat.

So if you have a popular site, or think you have an idea that will make for a popular site; Just beware that all these low cost offers come with a price. Moving a site is not a trivial matter especially when you have a few thousand users and 6gigs of files, along with a 100+ meg database. Make your comparisons mean something.


BryanSD’s picture

I agree with you...the problem with finding a hosting company to run Drupal isn't finding out what the hosting companies promise but what they don't promise. I spent the last two weeks moving my sites to a reseller hosting plan and was hopeful it would work out. Their cap on the PHP memory_limit (only 16 meg) and their cap on CPU usage burned me. Since the work on these sites is a hobby and side business...I didn't get much sleep the past week or so.

Are you content with your current host provider? If so, I and others likely wouldn't mind hearing who they are.


marketanomaly’s picture

My experience with hosting has been that you get what you pay for. You can try as many of these cheap plans as you want. They are all pretty much the same and they all have some significant downsides. For instance, you can almost guarantee that a hosting account that costs you less than $10/month will not perform well when your site becomes popular and starts getting hundreds of visitors a day. I have a VPS with The server is fast and reliable and their 24/7 tech support is usually quite helpful. They don't know much about Drupal, but this can not be expected from most hosts.

There are some hosts that specifically focus on hosting Drupal installations, but these don't seem to have the kind of 24/7 response team that most people expect from a webhost. For example, I'm considering Bryght, but they don't seem to have phone support at all. I just got a message machine when I called them. I sent them an email and I'm waiting to see how long it takes them to get back to me by email. I figure that this will be a good gauge of their turnaround time on support.

gtoddv’s picture

I have had to move to a dedicated server. I went the VPS route but by the time I realized how much memory and CPU I was really going to need, the VPS solution quickly (within days) became a dead end.

I am now on a dedicated server with using their celeron D plan which starts at 60 dollars/month. After adding plesk and an extra gig of memory my current bill is 105 dollars per month. There is no way I could run on anything less and will probably have to upgrade the processor within the year.

Now I am sure there are exceptions to my situation...

I have a few thousand members and quite a bit of functionality. There is no way a shared hosting environment could (or would) support my site. I know this because I have had quite a bit of experience (14 years) of using shared hosting with Drupal and other CMS packages. I will say that I had a bit more success using Postnuke in the shared environment, but I have no idea why. But now that the site is a complete conversion over to Drupal, my situation dictates a dedicated solution.

I am currently averaging 40% CPU and 900mb of memory usage. By late in the evening my memory usage is up over 1gig. And of course my CPU is peaking well over 40%, often hitting 100%. None of this is a negative, it is just the way it is. The site runs well, as a matter of fact I am having more problems with all the javascript that gets loaded into the users browser than any other aspect of the system. The javascript can really slow a browser down.

My provider,, does have 24/7 phone and email support. I would rate the support crew at about a 6 out of 10. Everything else 8.5 out of 10. I am happy with the equipment and configuration. I would prefer WHM/Cpanel over plesk but that is the only downside. (WHM has quite a bit more configuration options than Plesk.)

arzajac’s picture

Anyone have any comments about

I am running two sites on their free (banner-supported) hosting and they seem to be fast enough and reliable. Unless I hear something bad from somebody, I will eventually pay for their hosting to remove the banners.

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Last year at this time, I wouldn't recommend GoDaddy's shared hosting plans. However, it appears things have changed. In the past year it seems that they are now providing the necessary MySQL privileges needed for Drupal that at one time they didn't provide (locked tables and temporary tables).

I haven't actually tried GoDaddy but if the my reseller site (which should be configured similar to GoDaddy's servers) is an indication GoDaddy is a go! And I'll also plug my site's shared hosting plans as a go,


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Can anyone compare performance between godaddy hosting and 247-host performance? The godaddy plans have much more bandwidth (250GB monthly) versus 100 GB for 247-host. The 247-host reseller plan has much less bandwidth, but is more appealing if you want to host multiple sites. A similar plan at godaddy (albeit with much more bandwidth) is two to three times the cost.

For a client who wants a single site, the 247-host basic hosting plan is cheapest. For a reseller, who doesn't need a ton of bandwidth/disk space, they are also cheaper. But for more bandwidth and disk space, godaddy is still in the same range (not *that* much more expensive.)

So, if anyone could compare performance between the two, that would be really helpful to me.



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I can't compare them, because I haven't tried Godaddy (yet). However, I am in the market for a new host because I am fed up with 247-host. Forget their 99.9% uptime guarantee - I've had more than 3 hrs out this week alone. They just don't count it as an outage if the server is up, even though the MySql server is not functioning.

Their customer service sucks. It usually takes me several replies through their form (forget email) to even approach an answer and it's usually to put the monkey back on my back. I can't think of a single time that they've actually solved a problem for me.

And when I pointed it out that their MySql (4.1.23) is no longer supported, they tried to tell me that it was the "standard."

BTW, I am using the reseller package because I have several sites there - but only until I get them moved.

Nancy W.
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I am on godaddy's deluxe hosting plan. I can host unlimited sites (by aliasing domains to folders).
Thing is I'm running 3 drupal sites, 2 wordpress and 4 phpbb and they all seem to run okay for my sites currently (on page load since I'm still building and dont have any views yet).
The pages basically load in about 5 seconds (running concurrently) when I have no issues with my connection and I'm all the way over here in Kenya.
For drupal I've loaded about 30 extra plugin modules to see how much I can mess up perfomance.
All the same, I'm thinking of moving to a VPS (godaddy's is $30/m) mainly because of expected traffic but also because I really do not trust that 'aliasing' system for additional domains as I am not exactly sure how that affects SEO (though I think it is okay as the domain is not really forwarded, right?).
Any suggestions on a better VPS at about that cost ($30) will be appreciated.
nb: I'm a newbie so basically know nothing. Just installed drupal less than 3 days ago and you can see the mess I have in one of the drupal multiple sites (

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there teck support sucks php4 zend 3.x and limited email of like 20 I have moved three people from there to ANhosting in the last month. there support has been great but Im not advertising just saying NO to godaddy.

may the sun be on your back and Drupal in your face.

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Hi Nancy,

Godaddy is never recommended. We have had clients moved out from there.

For dedicated, I'd recommend -, Hurricane Electric or MediaTemple (Slow to respond)
For VPS, I'd recommend Bryght, Virpus (Their support sucks). I am presently looking at InMotionHosting and my first week with them has been horrible. They just don't seem to follow clear instructions. I'm trying to get my Admins work with them to resolve the issues and stabilize else I'll move up to Dedicated for my needs.
For Shared Hosting - I'd recommend Hostmonster

Roshan Shah
T : 604-630-4292
Vancouver, Canada
Skype/GoogleTalk/Yahoo : bpocanada

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For the past two years I haven't recommended GoDaddy's shared hosting plans for Drupal. Most of the issues at the time have been GoDaddy not granting the necessary MySQL privileges needed to run Drupal properly. However, in the past few months, for reasons unknown to me, GoDaddy has become much more Drupal friendly. In fact, they're now even offering Drupal installs via their "Value Applications". If someone is looking for something cheap GoDaddy's shared hosting plans may be worth a second look.

To be honest though, the happiest I've ever been is running my sites on dedicated or VPS/VDS. I'll have to consider Roshan's suggestions the next time I'm looking.


Dakota Hosting

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I simply cannot afford VPS. My sites are not bringing in hosting money and I am still a struggling webmistress. What I'd really like is my own dedicated server, but that is way out of reason for the foreseeable future.

Nancy W.
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Tried to install a Drupal app on a Godaddy VPS server.

Godaddy support was not able to fix their control panel and we couldn't get access to the crons, file management... After exchanging a few mails with their support (Question: we can't access some features of the control panel, Answer: the solution is the control panel, Q: but we can't access the control panel, A: Go to the control panel...) I give up.

We're moving to Liquidweb.

Will keep you posted!

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I decided to give both Joomla (can I say that here?) and Drupal a trial whirl to add to my bag of tricks for web site design/implementation.

Initially, I talked with a GoDaddy tech guy about what I would need *minimally* to effect a trial hosting package. The answer was pleasantly surprising: [1] i purchased a $1.99 throw-away (nonsense) domain and initially signed up for 2 months of their minimal Linux hosting (for $3.99 per month) for a total including surcharges of $10.17 for the 2-month trial (and 1-year domain)! Pretty slick.

This includes MySQL (up to 10 databases), 250 gig of monthly traffix and 5 gig of disk space, along with email accounts (which I won't need).

Pretty slick. I've been with GoDaddy for Windows hosting for 5 or 6 accounts -- starting as long as 2+ years ago. I've found their technical support to be rock-solid *EXCEPT* for a little testiness about getting their ASP.NET database hosting instructions right (they weren't -- but kept steadfastly refusing to "debug your code" until I provided them with a lock-tight demonstration case that their SQL Server database info was faulty and would *never* work). After that little kerfluffle, they're been fine. (I still have an issue with virtual directories and using AJAX, but that is back-burner and probably more of my fault than theirs, although neither is yet proven.)

In summary, if you need an inexpensive place to do a proof of concept, I'd say give GoDaddy a look-over. Also, if you are considering hosting a sub-site (using either Joomal or Drupal CMS) to a windows-hosted site (ASP.NET, for example), one of their 3 levels of shared Linux hosting could be a very effective and low-cost solution. Over the years, I've found their up-time for all of the accounts that I service to be almost undiscernable from 100%.

ABOUT THE DRUPAL INSTALLATION EXPERIENCE: The SOLE criticism that I would make is that the set-up directions for the Drupal seem to assume that you have "command-line" control of MySQL. In a shared hosting environment, this is more likely to be a constrained interface and I would suggest a small addition to the installation handbook to point that out and perhaps emphasize getting the four items you need: host connect string, database name, user name and user password.

alohas from the garden isle of Kauai here in Hawaii!


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I think you may have wasted $8.00 . I'm a WildWestDomains (GoDaddy) reseller ( and I'm pretty sure you can set up an ad supported web site for just the cost of the domain name. In fact, I've done it. I don't think you can put subdomains on that hosting, but you can put up at least one Drupal,Joomla,Xoops, whatever site. Not bad for
$1.99 a year for the .info domain. Drupal is a recent addition to the value apps selection, so I don't know how slick
the install is. I haven't seen any problems with uptime either, though I have noticed that Wild Blue satellite service
and GoDaddy don't play nice at all, and of course each one blames the other. Still, it's not bad for cheap hosting.

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They(inmotionhosting) have won the awards but their support sucked!

- Still would recommend the following:

1) rackspace, mediatemple and hurricane electric. ( Dedicated )
2) Bryght and Remu Hosting ( VPS ).

Am trying theplanet hosting this week for dedicated hosting - will keep you posted.
Roshan Shah
T : 604-630-4292
Vancouver, Canada
Skype/GoogleTalk/Yahoo : bpocanada

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On top of all the MySql outages that have been occurring lately now they've lost a hard disk and claim it will take up to 24 hrs to replace and rebuild it. Preposterous! I have personally had to do that on servers with RAID-1 and RAID-5 disks and it took 5 minutes at the most - with no down time.

So then I asked them what penalties they impose upon themselves for missing their 99.9% uptime guarantee. Their response: none. So their guarantee is a totally empty promise.

More update: When I asked which back up they used, they responded that they don't put dates on the back ups, so they have no idea. I have confirmed that the back up they used is over a month, and probably over 6 weeks, old. Their response is that the user is responsible for making their own back ups.

Nancy W.
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i wld like to try this hosting from godaddy..went on their site...but no option for free hosting..

wld be nice if u cld give me a link for it..or an invite etc.


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When you register a domain with them, you get a free hosting credit. You get this even if you buy the cheapies. Currently, you can register a .info domain for $2.99. For the last few weeks, it was $1.99. I don't know for how long they will keep offering the free hosting.

To get rid of the ads, you pay for hosting. However, if you let your paid hosting run out, you cannot just drop back down to ad-supported hosting. You have to set up a new account (with the free hosting credit that should still be available in your account) and transfer your site there.

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My experience:

Register your domain name with them and sign up for their service that gives privacy to the site owner's name. Then, next year, when you go to renew, you'll find their renewal form set up in such a way as to offer you no way to renew your domain name without renewing the privacy service (a service that adds about $18 a year). In fact, the form is carefully set up in such a way that you'll hardly realize you're renewing the extra service.

If you then do renew, at once realize you've ordered a service you don't need, and immediately tell them, they'll tell you sorry, the privacy service is run by a separate company, we can't help you. (In fact, the "separate company" is owned by the same owner as GoDaddy.)

If you then start a correspondence with customer service, you can go up the chain of command and they'll all tell you the same thing, till after many e-mails you finally reach a supervisor who, if you stay on track, will reluctantly admit he has the authority, "on a special one-time basis," to cancel the extra service and refund what you've paid.

In short: I consider the company dishonest.

O Govinda

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I have several sites running on (for more than a year now) and have had no problems with them. They have very fast and good customer service. Their servers are pretty quick too and you can have MySQL 5 and PHP 5. They use CPanel which is very user-friendly IMO, and is more powerful than Vdeck. Their package options for the basic shared hosting are some of the best I've seen, plus they've been around for quite a while.

Another option is They have almost the same deal as bluehost, and their servers are pretty quick (and stable) too.

Just my 2c.
______________________________________________________________________________________________________ - Drupal website development


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If you checkout the contact info for hostmonster and bluehost I think you will see that both companies have the same address in Orem, Utah. There also appears to be other 'companies' running from the same physical address in Utah. Check out the phone numbers, too.

I am not exactly sure what this means , and I wonder why no one has mentioned this in this thread.

I have used Bluehost for several years now and I have seen their customer support slowly die. I have been trying to get moved to a serrver with PHP5 and Mysql5 for over a month and they will not respond to my requests. I have opened several Support Tickets and have never seen them respond to even one of them. The only thing they did respond to was the request for SSH access which was a part of a Ticket that also requested the move to php5 and mysql5.

They did activate the SSH access but never responded to the Ticket; they just closed it without mentioning the attached request for php5 and mysql5.

Not sure where I will end up, but I think Bluehost and I will be parting ways very soon.

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I, on the other hand, have found Bluehost's customer service to be superb. I never opened a ticket because I always call their 1800 support number. Things get fixed faster that way. There are times when there's some problem with the server and the queue is long, but often time their response is very quick.

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I asked Bluehost a couple of weeks ago to do exactly what you said (move my site to a PHP5 server). And after a short email exchange where they warned me that custom code might break etc. it was done. One small problem on the new server which when I brought it to their attention was immediately fixed (don't even recall what is was it was so minor).

I've had a bluehost site for about 18 months now. Service has always been excellent, and site uptime has been very good. I can remember a couple of times in thost 18 months when my sight was slow for maybe 30 min (I'm on it at least a few times a day), but it is after all a shared environment.

- Peter

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I am using bluehost for a year and I am satisfied with them.

For support tickets I got always quick answers. And their servers are fast.

Before I used Mediatemple grid hosting, but moved from them because websites were extremely slow.

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Looking more closely at these two hosting providers, even the text on their sites is very similar. Not sure that this should be an issue for anyone, but they do appear to be the same company.


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Even Content of Sites is Very Similar
jacobson - November 27, 2007 - 05:39
newLooking more closely at these two hosting providers, even the text on their sites is very similar. Not sure that this should be an issue for anyone, but they do appear to be the same company

Well, if you go on BlueHost forums or even in their owner's blog, they tell they own the other companies, each with its target customers (and one used for hosting the DNS servers).

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Does anyone know of any webhosts that will provide not only one-touch installation of Drupal 5 but also automate or simplify the upgrade process somehow (I'm imagining various ways this could work, my only requirement is that I not be responsible for downloading the package, unpacking it, running the correct scripts, etc. ) so that I can stay up-to-date with all the security patches?

P.S. I'm used to Drupal 4.7 and have yet to upgrade a 5.X install...if it's significantly easier to begin with this may be a stupid question. Then again, one click on cPanel or whatever is still preferable to having to upload and unpack a tgz file since I'd ideally like someone not-so-tech savvy to be able to do this or for it to be fully automatic.

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I have been looking around and found that a surprising number of providers whom people say have excellent performance run php as CGI. (Hostingplex, Hostmonster and Dreamhost) I guess this doesn't affect performance all that much. Anyhow, it is supposed to be more secure that way.

I reckon the actual determining factor for performance is the database server. I suppose that if the database runs on the localhost it would have better performance than if it were a different machine than the web server. Hostingplex and Hostmonster both run on localhost. Dreamhost and Godaddy run separate database servers.

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Of course it is more secure, because each website runs with the privileges of the kernel account. While mod_php every site runs with the same privileges and only careful configuration of PHP will provide certain security. When I was hosted on StartLogic, they had mod_php and I was able to browse other's people's files, read their database passwords in the clear text in config.php/config.ini files etc.

If CGI PHP crashes, only your site is crashed. If mod_php crashes, entire webserver is down.

CGI may be fast with careful configuration. Seems that many hosts are doing it right, I am hoping that StartLogic learned too.

Anyway, if your shared host offers SSH in the package, they are very likely using CGI mode.

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I'm currently developing a new site for a small club. I started designing it on my local machine to see if Drupal had what I needed, now I'd like to find a host and develop the site there until I'm ready to go live. I'm new to web development in general and have a couple questions.

1. Is it difficult to cut a domain name over to a new site?
2. When using Drupal is there any point to picking up a provided service such as e-Commerce, since there are modules for it?
3. How is setting up Drupal on a hosted site compared to your local machine? I know this will vary per provider, just trying to get an idea of what I'm in for.
4: Million dollar question, what is a good provider to go with if you are looking to start small for development and upgrade to go live? I expect the live site will be relatively small, and not a lot of traffic.

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My opinions, FWIW:

1. No. But your registrar can complicate it if they want to. Network Solutions is one of the worst for using every second that is allowed them.
2. No. They don't really integrate unless there is a bridge module in Drupal. BTW, there are two e-commerce solutions for Drupal. One by that name and the other is Ubercart.
3. Not much different, other than the differences between Windows and Unix/Linux. I personally like to use Fantastico to start (but not upgrade) the set up, but others will argue against it. Your choice.
4. If the site is small and will stay that way, there's probably not that much difference. I would suggest a host that keeps the MySql server on the same box, rather than separate. Keep in mind that e-commerce and photo albums can expand your database quickly, so make sure you get enough disk space. (I personally immediately disqualify a host that gives less than 1GB, even if I don't "plan" on using it.) Check their up-time record; find out if their up-time guarantee is real (mine is not, as I found out); if you can, ask if there is a limit to how many sites they put on a server; look for more up-to-date software (like PHP 5 and MySql 5); check their support performance.

Nancy W.
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Hi Folks,

I've been paying attention to this thread because I have a site where the Adsense revenue is limited by the poor shared hosting performance at HostRocket. Post about how many gigs of files space are cool, but the most important thing, in my mind, is performance.

When I first moved to HostRocket, it was fast. But now it is really just another overcrowded server and HostRocket is rude about helping. I have seen the load average go up to 150! Of course, even when it is at 25, it is amazingly slow, and this can happen for hours a day.

Then, if I move it, how do we know it will not be really bad again after a few days, weeks or months?

So, does anyone know of a shared hosting provider who will guarentee performance (load average, uptime, etc)?


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I have been using the siteground shared hosting plan for over a year. At first their hosting was not very good. However after they replaced the server I am on their service has been good. They are very responsive to any issues. There has been very little down time which has been resolved quickly. I run Drupal 4.7.0 as well as civicrm 1.7 in different databases.

The only downside is no SSH.

I am looking for reliable hosting companies who offer SSH.Any pointers will be appreciated.

Anyone have any experience with


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i've jumped through some shared hosting companies back when i just dumped flash files via ftp to a root dir (godaddy, doteasy, hostgator). i can't say much about support from these as i never really needed any (godaddy has all my domains, phone support has always been fast but not without them missing the opportunity to offer me something). last place i tried shared hosting was hostgator, meh. the acceptable user policies where scaring me, i knew if i maxed the accounts to the limits they would kick me out for "abuse". i also wanted to learn linux commands and how to manage and keep a server safe.

so i started looking for the next step vps (for noobs{managed}), so i found on the webhosting talkforums, they had good reviews by known members of the community, they ran some ads on there too.

started with a basic vps in march, they had a coupon on webhostingtalk that made it $44 (from $49):

xeon(8cores), 256mb mem, 1gb burst mem, 30gb, 300gb bandwith, centos vps

as i added more sites, among other things, services where starting to restart automatically, i needed more ram, more space, more bandwith.

so now im happy with $89: same 8 xeon cores, 512mb ram, 2gb burst ram, 50gb store, 500gb bandwith

afterhours, the phone support system seems to get forwarded to the staffs personal phones, so they always answer, or one must leave a voice msg they call back immediately. such was the case a month or two back when a power strip (so simple...) failed, i immediately got an email stating all my services where down, called them, within a few minutes the rack was up again, no problems since that. support tickets and/or email gets answered in less than 10 minutes.

i know i could find something cheaper, but service has been excellent since march.


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Here's a comparison of some more VPS hosting plans and providers.


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I currently use Vistapages. They have been superb!

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tats gr8 collection.... good to share our hosting experiences ....

-- Sree --
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I need to build a Drupal site here in Australia (with e-commerce)
Is there a hosting company that can be recommended?
Are there hosting companies to be avoided?

All help appreciated

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we're also looking for .au hosts for drupal etc.. how did you go with your search?

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I recently got a VPS account with in Oz or NZ I believe (and you can select the data center... I chose TX, USA, but I think they have a center Down Under too). You need a little more command line experience to get up and running, but so far so good! Excellent prices and support.

My review of David Mercer's "Drupal: Creating Blogs, Forums, Portals and Community Websites"

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I want to warn Drupalizers for dutch hosting provider Digitalus Service is good. Default settings are not good for Drupal, but the helpdeskpeople are willing to set things strait. Pricing is good. Helpdesk is responsive.

Weak points:
-A bit slow on SQL queries, probably because Mysql is on another server.
-Slow admin panel (but working)
-For every domain the /user URL is in use for there controlpanel software THIS SUCKS, /user is a Drupal system url. Aliassing /user doesn't help in all cases.

Do not use this host for Drupal. Otherwise, it's good value for money.

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We have a few different packages on midphase. Two of them we have no problem with mods and memory.
However on this package we get the error evry time. It runs
php version 5.2.3
Sql version 4.1.22-standard
When we try to activate moduals, most noticibly the views mod we get the memory error.
Now we have two other packages and we have done several drupal installs of 5.1, on all of them, and we get no errors. They are:
php version 5.1.6
Sql version 4.1.21-standard

php version 5.2.1
Sql version 4.1.21-standard.

So the php 5.2.3 seems to be the culpret. Anyone having trouble with php 5.2.3? Thanks.
I am going to ask them to move us to a different server because we are drupal people.

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I have been doing reading on lots of shared webhosts. IMO there is no point focusing on negative reviews, because there will always be some and people with negative experience are the first ones to share it. I am currently with 1and1 and despite many negative reviews I am quite satisfied with value. Canaca has extremely bad ratings and 60 BBB complaints unresolved, I gave them a try and bandwidth is fantastic (although hardware is not - they use homegrown servers). Depends on what your needs are, someone needs excellent customer support and someone else needs first grade bandwidth.

Also important thing is that if your audience is in UK, your hosting should be in UK. The national bandwidth is almost unlimited, but the foreign bandwidth is a precious commodity. It's a bad decision to host across ocean unless most of your customer base is there.

The following website has reviews and does actual monitoring of many webhosts and includes uptime:

Keep in mind that 99.98% uptime is 1hr 45 min downtime / year and 99% uptime is 87hrs/yr downtime.

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Hi guys,

I'm currently looking for a VPS hoster in the US ($30 to $60/month).

Anybody has experience with Liquidweb?

Any other suggestion?



mkrakowiak’s picture is an independent forum and an excellent source of information on web hosting: shared, VPS and dedicated. I highly recommend visiting the forum.
Regarding VPS, I recommend checking:

Pricing varies, and I think WiredTree and LiquidWeb are more expensive than the others from the list, but on the webhostingtalk forum you can find hosting offers / coupons. Besides, all the companies I mentioned above offer top notch web hosting service. has a great deal (30% off) for a fully managed VPS (768 MB SLM Guaranteed Memory, 25 GB SAS-SCSI RAID-10 Storage, 400 GB Monthly Bandwidth @ 100 MBPS Port Speed, 4 Private IP Addresses, Choice of CentOS, Fedora, RedHat or Debian OS, Choice of Plesk Power Pack 100-Domain or cPanel w/Fantastico, Choice of New York, Dallas, Los Angeles, Chicago or Seattle Datacenter) for $45 per month. This offer is unbeatable and I'm moving my sites there soon.

web_bloke’s picture

I've just looked at their terms of service ( and it seems that they can, and will, terminate your account without notice if your site contains, among other things, "Foul language and profanity in the site content".

Since my site will contain user provided content, there is no way I can guarantee that there will never be such language on the site at any given time. Also, I can't guarantee that my Admin will apply the same definitions as their Admins too certain words or phrases. Profanity is a particularly grey area!

Their service, otherwise, looks good! Does anyone know of a host that offers a comparible service but has more reasonable and workable terms regarding site content.

NancyDru’s picture

Read my posts above, but the problems have settled down. [EDIT] Nope, they were only in temporary remission.

You can also try the Spam module to have some control over the content.

Nancy W.
Drupal Cookbook (for New Drupallers)
Adding Hidden Design or How To notes in your database

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Yes, I had problems with this. I had not even put up a site yet, but a couple of my domain names that I had pointed there were for sites about sexuality. They were not pornographic sites, just information, and they contained words in the title that taken out of context could seem like they might be used for a pornographic site. Hostmonster disconnected my account WITHOUT even notifying me first. I was furious, and though I got them to reinstate it, I was upset enough that I changed hosts. I did not want to risk any future problems if they deemed content on my sites unacceptable. One of my main sites is to be a blog about issues of sexuality, and I have no idea how they will view it.

But, besides that, they have excellent service and THE BEST DEAL anywhere ($4.99 per month for something like 3000 gb bandwidth, 300gb storage, and unlimited domains; not sure how they run cpu limits). If you know all your sites will be G rated or maybe PG, but not R, then I recommend them. Otherwise, don't touch them.

mikelaw’s picture

I am looking for a webhost that allow hosting of controversial website like

href=""/>anabolic steroid online shop

It is true than steroid is illegal in US but it it legal in other parts of the world.
Suppose that a webhost host a site that allows US and international buyers

href=""/>to buy steroid online

, is it illegal and subject to FDA laws?
Or should we just choose a non US webhost ?

NancyDru’s picture

There are many online pharmacies already that don't require a prescription and will ship to the US.

Markwebuk’s picture

Hello Mike,

I'd recommend you to look for Asian Hosting providers. You won't have any problem with them.

Web Hosting UK

sambtaylor’s picture

Any reviews of Hostican for Drupal? Or comparisons between Bluehost and Hostican?

najibx’s picture

We are in a development stage for community site, so not expecting high traffic, however, I wonder any provider can offer this :

1.Allow increase PHP's memory limit upto/over 32M ( i have installed many modules i.e OG, events, location require high resource)
2.PHP as mod_php (Not CGI)
3.Shell access - mysqldump
4. Local MySQL database (not seperate machine)


najibx’s picture

It's probably almost midnight in USA now, but I already have the email feedback from them.

>1.Allow increase PHP\'s memory limit upto/over 32M ( i have installed manymodules i.e OG, events, location that require high resource).

Yes, possible.

>2.PHP as mod_php (Not CGI)

Yes, possible.

>.Shell access - mysqldump

We do not allow Telnet/SSH access to our systems for security reasons. However our techs will be more than happy execute commands for you on request.

> 4. Local MySQL database (not seperate machine)

Yes, possible.


With coupon is US4.90/month for bunch of other features. However, I worry about the performance as reported by i.e
What does this really means?

My ping test from Malaysia to is almost 400ms, as compared to my sites hosted locally about 20ms. Furthermore, my visitor audiences are initially from Malaysia.


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Hey all -

I just wanted to share the recent experience I had with trying to sign up for webhosting services from

I'd been looking at different webhosts over the last few months as I've gotten fed up with my current webhosts 'shortcomings' ... They advertise that I've got 300GB of disk space at my disposal, but don't tell you about the 50k file limit they have imposed. My site is composed of a Drupal CMS front end for blogging and whatnot, and a gallery2 photo library for static photos, and that it is. Between those two applications, and all the logs that their server maintains, I can only keep about 4500 pics online at any given time, as I keep hitting that 50k file count limit, but am only using about 1.5% of the supposed 300GB of disk space (4.5GB?)...

I looked long and hard at dreamhost, and attempted to sign up for their service last week. I was in Bucharest on business when I purchased a plan through Google checkout.

The checkout procedure went smoothly enough, and I got my account created at dreamhost. The problems started when, after 24+ hours, my account was still 'pending'. I emailed them and simply asked when I could expect my account to be fully activated, so that I could move my website to their service. Here's the email thread... I was stunned....


On Thu, 25 Oct 2007, you wrote:
> I was wondering if you could tell me when my account will be fully active so that I can begin to transfer my site to dreamhost?

Your account was disabled by our fraud detection system. Your payment has also been refunded.

We request that you take your business elsewhere and we apologize that we won't be able to host you at this time.


DreamHost Billing Team +

I replied to their email, stating that I was shocked and appalled at how this whole application for service was handled. There was no contact from them asking for any clarification, they basically have told me to go suck wind... I have yet to receive a reply, and I am not holding my breath.

WTF???? Thoughts? Comments?

Regards // NoVARaif

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I am happy with HostMonster. They have a script for install, the performance is pretty good, and the bandwidth is practically unlimited. The service is good, they have responded very timely. They have an excellent control panel and FTP and SSH access. I am quite happy with it and it is only $6 a month.

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"Hostmonster currently runs the MySQL version 4.1.14-standard. We will upgrade to v.5 when cPanel upgrades their software."

First, that's a really old release, most hosts are at least on 4.1.21.

Second, cPanel has supported MySql 5 for a year now...

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As commented by another user below, they are up to date:
MySQL database 5.0.37
PHP 5.1.6

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That was a direct quote from one of their pages. If they fixed it they might get more customers.

And, actually, there are newer releases than that.

Nancy W.
Drupal Cookbook (for New Drupallers)
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After reading recommendations on this site I moved my sites to AN Hosting in July. While my sites are a little faster with PHP 5, I am very dissappointed with the large number of down times. My sites are down at this moment, as they were yesterday for several hours, as they were a week ago for a couple of hours. This is an ongoing thing.

I am also continually frustrated at trying to get my cron runs to settle down. They were difficult to set up in the first place as the little piece of arcane script is not made obvious to anyone. I had to spend a lot of time in the forums before I finally came upon it. Since then, twice now, all of my crons quit running and I had to go through tech support to restart them. Right now the crons do not run on two sites and I have to implement them manually.

One more note, don't get conned as I was into believing that you can host 20 sites on one account. It works like this - you get one main site and all of your other sites are set up as sub-domains. You cannot mess with the main sites .htaccess file as it will affect all of them. It is also extremely difficult to change your file upload settings. Changing the .htaccess files or the php.ini files have no affect. As with the tech support staff of most hosts, it is difficult to get someone who really knows what they are doing to work with and overcome these problems.

No, I don't have a grudge against AN Hosting. I just believe in the old saw that you get what you pay for. They offer a great package for a really low price but the quality of the product is an entirely different matter. Of course, their response is, if you want better service, you have to pay for it.

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I think JJ brings up a very good point. Both BlueHost and HostMonster operate the same way. They advertise unlimited domains, which is true, but if you are looking to host different companies or sites then you could have some security trouble. As JJ described every add-on domain is contained within a sub-directory of the root account. For example ...

Lets say I signed up with the domain "". Then I wanted to add an additional domain, "". Since would be in a subdirectory under, users could access via this URL.

It's basically a huge security hole. I think the price mark that most of these providers (BlueHost, HostMonster, AN Hosting) offer is reasonable even for just one domain. However, for multiple domains under one account I don't think they fit the bill.

I am looking at as they have a reseller option for $19.95/month where I can have each domain with it's own root directory and it's own control panel. They claim unlimited domains, but I don't plan to go over 10. Their support seemed knowledgeable however they only support MySQL v4.x and not MySQL v5.x. I am not sure if this is a big concern as I am rather new when it comes to MySQL (.NET Developer). I also like the fact that you don't have to pay for a year up front. Does anyone have any experience with them ( I have have only seen one posting in the Drupal forums and it seemed positive.

- dtg

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How would this security hold play out? Doesn't it just allow someone to arrive at the site another way? They still can'd do anything there they could not do at the regular address, no?

If this is not true, what measures can be taken to stop it?

ix web hosting offers up to 8 domains with separate ip addresses for like 6.99 a month. Email me and I may be able to get you a better deal.

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I had signed with Hostingplex and switched a few days later to Hostmonster. Have never been happier. They seem to offer excellent service and don't seem to overload their shared servers.

Their versions of Php and Mysql are up-to-date:
MySQL database 5.0.37
PHP 5.1.6
Unicode library PHP Mbstring Extension
Web server Apache/1.3.39 (Unix) mod_fastcgi/2.4.2 mod_auth_passthrough/1.8 mod_log_bytes/1.2 mod_bwlimited/1.4 FrontPage/ mod_ssl/2.8.30 OpenSSL/0.9.7a PHP-CGI/0.1b

A well, you can put your Drupal install into a subfolder - either by setting up a parked domain or by using htaccess:

You need to tell Drupal the base URL in settings.php so that it does not append the subfolder to the URL in the links it generates.

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Why did you switch from Hostingplex after a few days?
I have been debating whether to select them or Hostmonster.
They are cheaper ($3.95/Mon if prepaid for 2 years), vs. $5.95/mon at Hostmonster.
The other features, according to a preliminary comparison looking relatively similiar.
I want to host a couple of sites, including a Drupal based community site & a regional search engine (covering countries currently with not too high internet use/traffic).
[Currently price is an issue and so unless there's something big against HPlex, I was toying with idea of signing up there.]

If I get the comments on hosting multiple domains correctly, "Additional Sites Hosted on the Same Account" (Hostingplex) and "Host UNLIMITED Domains!!" (Hostmonster) means ... all these sites would have the domain ... (main site),, etc... ... Why do they use misleading language then?

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I have to admit I was peaved when I wrote the comment yesterday as my site was down. I took some time and contacted tech support about my other issues and they were very friendly and helpful so I take back some of the negative remarks about tech support.

However... my site was down again this morning for quite some time. This is getting very annoying and I have let them know that.

I see IX Hosting was mentioned so I thought I should share my experiences with them as they have been my hosting providor for over 5 years before I switched.

IX was very, very good as a host. I really didn't have many issues with them. I also like how much control I had over the configuration of my sites and I love the fact that each domain had it's own unique address - none of the sub-domain crap. Why did I move from them? Their service is very slow. They have not yet moved to PHP 5 and their MySQL is also out of date. Why they have not upgraded their servers is still a mystery to me. Perhaps if they had, I would still be a customer.

Between the two hosting companies, I give AN a thumbs up for speed and keeping current with the latest software. As for the way the service is configured and the amount of downtime, I much preferred IX Webhosting. So, there you are.

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Yes they should update that knowledge base articles. I don't know if they are bleeding edge but I am happy because I can do drupal 5.3 upgrade from the control panel. It takes a backup of the directories and the database and I don't have to worry too much about breaking stuff. What can I do I am lazy. I have SSH access and the server certainly isn't idle, but net performance and computer performance are pretty good. They are the same company as Bluehost but they are cheaper for some reason. Service with them has been good, they answer their tickets fast enough for me.

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Dear Drupalers!

It is my pleasure to announce the launch of new webhosting service.

The purpose is to provide the best hosting muscle to the best CMS system (i.e. Drupal, of course!)

Top Class Hardware:
Here are the Server Specs:
Xeon QuadCore 5335 'Clovertown', 4 x 2.0 GHz, 2 x 4 MB L2 Cache,
Port Speed 1000 Mbps (Premium Bandwidth)

Latest Software:
The servers run the latest and most optimized application software.
1. OS: CentOS v5
2. Control Panel: cPANEL
3. Apache v2.2.6
4. Mysql5 : v 5.0.27
5. PHP5 : v 5.2.5
6. Curl, Openssl, Mcrypt, Mbstring, GD, eAccelerator, Bz2, Zip, XML, Soap, exif, json, RoR and lot more

See the PHPINFO() on the server in realtime:

Premium Bandwidth:
Whereas most shared hosts limit you on a 2Mbps to 10Mbps download speed, DVH provides 1000 Mbps rollercoaster download speeds! Here are some sample files to test the server download speed:

#1. Some beautiful wallpapers in a 10 MB zip file!
Direct URL :

#2. Some beautiful wallpapers in a 20 MB zip file!
Direct URL :

Also, we will limit the number of domains hosted on each server, so as to provide the best service.

If you like what you see, get a hosting package rightaway, before we run out of hosting packages. Here is a list of packages:
The Prices start from $5.5/month for premium hosting!

Server Status:
The best thing about us is that our service would be transparent to the users. We share the server specifications, and more importantly the load and uptime status of our servers in real time on our website!

Here is the current Server Status report (realtime):

Feel free to ask us questions, would appreciate hearing from drupalers :)


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1) Why is the site not a Drupal site?

2) See JJ's comment above don't get conned as I was into believing that you can host 20 sites on one account. It works like this - you get one main site and all of your other sites are set up as sub-domains. You cannot mess with the main sites .htaccess file as it will affect all of them. It is also extremely difficult to change your file upload settings. Is this also the way you operate?

Nancy W.
Drupal Cookbook (for New Drupallers)
Adding Hidden Design or How To notes in your database

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1) Since we are using a Hosting Billing software, which has API integration with our Domain Registration provider, also many premium hosting service features... e.g. automation with server control panels etc.. so for the customer and billing section, a non-drupal site is being run.

2) The domains and subdomains are different concepts. E.g a site say, can have several subdomains like, etc. While multi-domain hosting accounts allow hosting different domains like,, etc. Our hosting service provides separate resolver and dns settings for each site, even if it may be setup in a subfolder of an existing site. So in effect you can use a unique .htaccess file for each of your Addon domains in addition to your main domain.


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Ok Drupalers,

I read this entire thread yesterday and found myself no better off than before I had read it. Some people thought "This" hosting company was great but others have had problems with them in the past. Others thought "That" hosting company was no good, but they may have changed things and might be good now.

Well... I decided to take my chances and go with this new company Drupal Value Hosting. I know it's only been a day, but I could not be happier with their hosting and support. I have their basic package with one website currently being hosted. You can check it out at and see how quick it is to load a slide show with a 4.26 MB sound file and about 12 MB in images. I plan to upgrade next month and move other domains over.

I though I'd also let you all know that I put them to the test and downloaded the 20 MB test file from my site. It downloads just as fast as from their own site. I'm even willing to risk running over my bandwidth and let you guys try it out for yourselves. The file can be downloaded at Please end the download when you verify the speed, I'd like to not run over my bandwidth usage if I can help it =D. I did the same test on and and had terrible results.

I had two issues right off the bat. The MySQLi extension was not installed with php. I was able to get around this by using the MySQL extension until they installed the MySQLi extension. Because I ran into this problem at 3am, I went to bed after submitting a ticket, but had an answer first thing when I woke up. I also had an issue with my template that was my fault, and they gladly helped me with that as well. I received the same response as if the problem was on their end.

I could not be happier for 7 bucks a month and I will most likely pay 2 years in advance to save even more when I upgrade to the next package. I have hosted with many other companies in the past including BizLand and GoDaddy and can not give a strong enough recommendation for this company.

P.S. Everything seems to be completely configurable on the server through CPanel. For not having much experience with it, I was able to change permissions on my files for installation, and through PHPMyAdmin, restore my Drupal database from my test server at home.

Hope this helps some of those out their searching as I was.

Jon Antoine
Antoine Solutions


Jon Antoine

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i see you still have the little drupal icon in the url window, thats the only thing a little distracting.

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we have (had) many client sites with them and the sites keep going down. Sometimes we get prompt response from support and sometimes not - there has been a dramatic downturn in their service over the last couple of months.

We now use for our union built web sites and find them to be remarkable in terms of customer support/service, and their ability to respond during crises.

Highly recommend

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The service collapse at OSH was very sudden. My guess is that in one fell swoop they "upgraded" their servers (leading to weeks of technical problems) *and* simultaneously outsourced their previously excellent customer service to someone who is now doing a remarkably poor job--response time used to be a few hours, but now has gone to an average of 18 to 24 for an initial response to a problem.

I have held on for a long time through these problems (since October), hoping that OSH would recover and that I could avoid the headache of finding a new host. But now, sitting for the third day of persistent 10060 errors *both* on my own sites *and* on the OSH sites (meaning I cannot even post a request for technical support) I am realizing I cannot wait any longer...

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Their evaluation criterion seems objective.


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I'd like to compile speed test results for shared web hosts hosting drupal sites. Please see

and respond there (not here) with:

The name of your shared web host
the URL of your drupal site
the approximate number of installed non-core modules

Then we can run speed tests on the whole list at once.

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I just found this nice web hosting provider
Just signed up with them for couple of days ago. All I can say is they have a really nice support even for a noob like me. I use a coupon code diskon$60 to sign up and got $60 OFF instantly !!.
Here is what they are offering:

* 250GB Disk Space
* 2,500 GB Bandwidth
* Unique IP Address
* Shell Access (SSH, GCC)
* Unlimited Subdomains
* Wildcard Subdomains
* Addon Domains
* Unlimited Email Accounts
* Spam / Virus Protection
* PHP 5.2.x / MySQL 5.0.x / Python 2.3.x / Perl 5.8.x / Ruby On Rails
* Unlimited FTP Accounts
* Anonymous FTP Server
* Daily Site Backups
* Hourly SQL Backups
* Video Tutorials
* Ticket Support
* 24/7 Technical Support
* cPanel 11
* Fantastico Deluxe

I also wrote an article on one of my site to offer $65 OFF by using HOLIDAY (my own coupon code)


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Initially, Mediatemple GS delivered intermittent performance, mostly related to the DB.
However, if you get a MySQL Grid Container, performance increases significantly.

For my site, showing 'worst case' / slowest page loads i experienced :

Before (smart pool): Longest query on homepage took 500ms
After (Grid Container Lite): Longest query on homepage took 8ms

Before (smart pool): Executed 75 queries in 705.24 milliseconds
After (Grid Container lite): Executed 75 queries in 50.24 milliseconds

Also, you can enable zend optimizer in PHP.ini which helps page execution times pretty significantly.

I fought w/ the MySQL Smart pool setup for a month or so before giving in and getting the SQL container, which lets you tweak my.cnf as well.

all in all, 40 bucks a month for a pretty stellar package in my opinion.

EDIT: Steve at Drupal value hosting invited me to try out their service, so i gave it a shot... pretty impressive. Results posted in mediatemple forum:

Danny Pfeiffer

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It's very cheap. Thanks.

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been struggling to get things going on ipower for a couple days, slack helpdesk (tables) & some other goofy stuff. After 4 days i went with Anhosting, copied the files over, gave permissions to the default site folder, was up in 15 mins. Cheaper to :) !!!

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It will be deleted quickly.