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I have been using image_resize_filter for a few websites now. I greatly appreciate this module. Can you please amend your Requirements section to include a Client-Side Browser Requirement on your project page, as this module will not work as expected by content managers using a Webkit based browser.

Here is a helpful table to embed into your project page:

Client-Side Browser Support

Browser Supports Live Image Resizing w/Mouse
Firefox Yes
Safari, Chrome No *
* note you may still use image_resize_filter to drop an image into the WYSIWYG editor. You may then manually edit the HTML in the WYSIWYG to apply the image_resize_filter markup to have the Filter process the image on save.
* Webkit-based browsers do not support Live Image Resizing or selecting, #839130: Image resize filter doesn't work on IE or Chrome

Thanks again!

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I think I've answered this plenty of times. This IS NOT the responsibility of this module. It's a problem with whatever WYSIWYG editor you use. Some editors DO support Safari and Chrome, so we can't make such generalizations. This module has nothing to do with input, it is only an output filter.

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Could you recommend which WYSIWYG editor supports this in particular then?

Thank you.


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Hi, this module is awesome for clients, most of mine use Internet Explorer of course. I can confirm this is working properly on Drupal 7.2 with CKEditor v3.6 and Internet Explorer 8. As the table shows - it doesn't work for me in Chrome or Safari webkit browsers.

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I had this problem with my client only using Safari and the feature disappearing on her. (I posted an issue about it in August, Hours and weeks of frustration, confusion, unhappiness and research time ensued.

After literally days' worth of searching, I found a single web page out on the web somewhere (not on or any major Drupal website) that mentioned in passing that this feature only worked with Firefox, not Safari or Chrome.

I tested it on Firefox and it worked as it should. I really wish this was just simply mentioned in even one sentence on the project page, or the ReadMe doc, or the video tutorials referenced by the project page, or any of the other articles out there about this.

For all the writing and video time that has been put into supporting use of this module, adding this one other sentence would be a *huge* time and energy (and client) saver.

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Second that, #4. It doesn't always work in every browser. Even though it's not the modules fault, a mention of this "issue" from the beginning would be helpful.

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Third that #4
Many of us use other browsers to test features for user roles and it was not obvious why I cold resize an image as an Administrator in FF and not as an Editor in Chrome or an Authenticated user in Safari.

I'm sure many have given up on this module after wasting a lot of time futilely trying to get it to work in browsers other than FF.

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@quicksketch I know it's not your fault, but the fact is the main feature of this module (live resizing) doesn't work in 2 of the most popular browsers. By outright refusing to post this information on the project page, you are simply wasting hours of developer's time.

It should include a link to the webkit bug.

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In #1 Quicksketch says that "Some editors DO support Safari and Chrome".

Does anyone know which editors do support Safari and Chrome? I chose to use CKEditor because it seemed to be the one most people and modules now prefer, but if it doesn't support Webkit like it should I wonder if I should pick something else.

Thanks for the help in advance!

P.S. I really appreciate all the work you did on this module and others, and Drupal in general, Quicksketch, but I have to agree I think it would save everyone a lot of aggravation and time if something was said about this on the project page.

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In #1 Quicksketch says that "Some editors DO support Safari and Chrome".

I think I may be mistaken. I can't find any WYSIWYGs that support resizing in any Webkit browsers. Apparently there's a limitation/bug in Webkit that makes it extremely difficult. Eventually it will be fixed (I assume) by the Webkit teams.

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It looks like someone has recently developed a work-around for Webkit browsers:

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Title: Document required browser compatibility please » Webkit-based browsers (Safari/Chrome) do not support resize handles

I updated the project page with information about this problem and linked to this issue.

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For #10 - is there any info how use the webkit add-on with Drupal and ckeditor? Has anyone successfully used it?

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FYI, the latest version of tinyMCE has worked around this problem: Just using the latest version of tinyMCE will add resize handles in Safari/Chrome just like other browsers.

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Also agreed with you. Torch browser also do not support resize handles, I have to resize manually using the TinyMCE editor. But it is a great modules compare to Media Crop module-limit to CKEditor, and local image. Firefox and IE support the resize handles. I like this module. Awaiting any improvement on Webkit- based browser, and TinyMCE and CKEditor.

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The latest tinyMCE 3.5.8 supports resize handles in Torch or the Webkit-based browser. Thanks you tinyMCE team.

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Wow, that's great! Anyone know if there's any chance this is going to happen with CKEditor too? I already set everything up for this one a while ago, as my research indicated this was the best way to go, and I would like to avoid switching.

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I've released a new prototype module which bundles a plugin for adding resize functionality to CKEditor here:

Or for users of the traditional CKEditor module, you may be able to add this functionality through adding this Github project to your site:

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Issue summary: View changes

If using ckeditor library, you can add the Enhanced Image plugin to your library download to get resizing to work in webkit browsers.

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With regards to #18, I tried downloading the plugin separate, which has a whole lot of dependency plugins.
What was easy for me is to choose Customize CKEditor and add the plugins "Image resize" and "Enhanced image".
This works out-of-the-box.