Registration and login flow got approval in principal at a DrupalCon Chicago core conversation.

The intended approach is

  • a single form that handles registration, login, and password reminders
  • to allow this form to be attached to other forms
  • to allow myriad authentication systems to seamlessly plug into this form (think #237642: Streamline OpenID login)

Other goals:
- to avoid trying to rearchitect core with an unverified user role a la logintoboggan
- to make the system compatible with theoretical forms-less editing


Damien Tournoud’s picture

Form-less editing does not exist. Milgard is just using Aloha and some integration javascript to fake it. Also, I don't see the relationship between log-in and registration and "form-less" editing.

Also, I would suggest starting a Drupal 7 contrib project for this to let it time to mature. User interface changes tend to need time and careful user-testing to mature.

Michelle’s picture

I know voting without contributing isn't worth much, but I wanted to toss in my +1 for a D7 module, anyway. This is something I've been meaning to dig into and improve on my own site. My site is in D6, and I understand you won't go back that far, but maybe I can backport your work rather than doing my own thing.