Hi, as the title describe this support request, I want to know how to do this task, I want to set my search box in the same line as my main_menu. How I can do that??


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I don't know if this is a good way but here is what I did:

1. place the search box in the menu region

2. create a file, my_tweaks.css containing the following:

     float: left;

    float: left;

What do you think? Is this how the pro's (Himerus) would do it?

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Hi, Thanks for the reply.

I was thinking something more advance, I want to put my search box with the UI area in the structure zone (structure/blocks) and yes the style is for make it more preatty. I want something like this.

<nav id="menu">
  <div id="search-box"><input type="text" ..... /></div>

This is posible ?

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Doing that would require completely using your own theme function for the menu... you could though emulate this via the CSS in #1. Otherwise, you'll have to use custom code to render our your menu, immediately followed by the search box.

However, that seems like a waste of time, as you can place both items as blocks in the menu region, and float/position them accordingly via css.

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On my omega theme there is not a "menu region" and I tried to create one and place it near the main menu zone (without a great result). I don't think is a waste of time, because if I desactive my CSS I want to see my webpage in the right way. So css display: absolute is not the right way for me.

So is too complex make a new region and place my main menu & search box? in my custom region?. This theme is great for HTML5 but need more flexibility with some regions (for example main menu, and secound menu). Some people will need to change the way or the zone or add another block in that regions don't show a region is a constraint for people who do not have 8 years experience in PHP / MySQL.

If you can guide me how to create a new region for this theme I will love to do something to spread it a "how to".

Maybe I'm totally wrong with this support request but I don't think so.

Thanks for your response :) I really appreciate it.

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Status: Active » Closed (works as designed)

Adding new regions for the 7.x-2 version is described here: http://omega.developmentgeeks.com/documentation/regions/adding-new-regions

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Did you get to put the search block in the menu zone?
I am too interested in doing this.

I am using Omega and i just simply want to have the search form in between the primary and secondary navigation..

Thanks for letting me know