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Im designing a subtheme for Omega, and suddenly I realized my text formating was gone... Bold, italics and stuff in articles and comments were not rendered..... I discovere it while playing with TinyMCE...
But nor i tried a new drupal 7 install with Omega and no other modules and the text formating isn't working on Omega theme or any of the starter kits.... it DOES work if i untick the reset.css file in the theme settings, so must be something in that file thats not working with the theme as it's supposed to..... any ideas on this?

#6 omega-n1082418-6.patch297 bytesDamienMcKenna
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I'm surprised this didn't get noticed sooner.. it was after the changes to reset.css. The new reset.css defines everything off the bat as font: inherit; which resets ALL styles on the bold and italic texts.

The issue will be fixed in next release, but I don't have patch yet.

You can add this code to either your custom css file(s) or at the bottom of the default omega reset.css. That should solve the issue.

strong {
  font-weight: bold;

em {
  font-style: italic;
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Thx.... I'll add that to the omega css files.. Im still in development fase on the site, so i fixed it so far by just removing the inherit thing....
But better to do as you suggest... Thx

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Fixed in this commit: http://drupalcode.org/project/omega.git/commit/7835191

This will be tagged in the next release.

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I tried adding the code at the bottom of the default omega reset.css and it did not work for me, but then I know nothing about these sorts of files. However, if using "Full HTML" in your content file, then what does work is the following. This will tide you over until there is a fix to Omega.

Where <b>bold text</b> does not work, what does work is: <span style="font-weight:bold;">bold text</span>

Where <i>italics text</i> does not work, what does work is: <span style="font-style:italic">italics text</span>

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#1 worked for me, thanks!

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Title: Text formating gone? » B, STRONG, EM, I text formatting removed
Status: Reviewed & tested by the community » Needs review
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The B and I tags (still valid in HTML5 IIRC) aren't supported still, this patch fixes it.

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Added to 3.1 release.

Thanks Damien!

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Issue tags: -reset.css, -text formating

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