Been looking around for awhile and haven't found any solution. I'm seeing an issue when uploading certain mp3 files where I get a database error similar to the following:

Incorrect string value: '\\xF7\\x98\\x9E\\xAA\\x01L...' for column 'tags' at row 1\nquery: INSERT INTO filefield_meta (fid, width, height, duration, audio_format, audio_sample_rate, audio_channel_mode, audio_bitrate, audio_bitrate_mode, tags) VALUES (556, 0, 0, 220.133875, 'mp3', 44100, 'stereo', 192000, 'cbr', 'a:8:{s:5:\\"title\\";s:12:\\"I\\'m Worth It\\";s:6:\\"artist\\";s:7:\\"Unknown\\";s:5:\\"album\\" in C:\inetpub\wwwroot\afc\htdocs\includes\ on line 128

Here are the relevant versions I am running:

Drupal 6.19
Filefield 6.x-3.9
getID3 6.x-1.4

I've traced the issue down to the filefield_meta module. Specifically, in filefield_meta.module on line 145 where the filefield_meta module is reading out the id3 tags found by getid3, a key called 'music_cd_identifier' is read out that has a bunch of really odd characters in it. The id3 tags get serialized and saved to the tags column in the filefield_meta module and that's where the MySQL error occurs above.

Has anyone else run into this?

I should note that to the end user, the error that appears is the same as that in #297035: HTTP error 0 when you upload the file via AJAX, but if you simply Save the form, you get the white screen with the MySQL error above.

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Attached is a small patch that will ignore the 'music_cd_identifier' key much like the 'coverart' key is ignored. This doesn't get at the cause of the issue but is a workable solution for my case.

Perhaps a more long term solution would be to allow site admins to enter a black list / white list of tags that are collected from id3 tags. I'd also like to figure out why MySQL complains about the strings that are pulled out from the music_cd_identifier tags.

Here is the string as it is coming out of the id3 tag:

(*AF*,"	;/�Length(�{=�Quality𺽂VBR Itл/

Here is the string after passing through html_entity_decode on line 144 of filefield_meta.module:

(*AF*,"	;/÷˜žªLength(õ¯�™{=÷°ž«Quality𺽂VBR Itл/

This is the string that is breaking the MySQL query to insert into the filefield_meta table.

If anyone could shed light on this for that would be cool, otherwise the patch works for my circumstance.

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And the patch..

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Title: Incorrect string value error when uploading mp3 file » Incorrect string value error when uploading mp3 file; Ignore music_cd_identifier id3 tag
Priority: Normal » Minor
Status: Active » Fixed

Well, I don't have any suggestions really, but I'd think that this ID3 tag probably isn't worth keeping for the trouble it causes. I've committed your patch, thanks for the help.

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Awesome, thanks!

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.