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The following information was taken from voiptwilio.module's README.txt file in VoIP Drupal:

== Introduction ==

The voiptwilio.module makes it possible for the VoIP Drupal platform to make and receive calls via the Twilio Cloud Communications service (

== Requirements ==

In order to install the voiptwilio.module, you will need:

1. A Twilio account

2. The PHP Curl extension in your system. For Debian systems, just run
  $ sudo apt-get install php5-curl
  $ sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart 

== Installation ==

Installing voiptwilio.module is very simple.  It requires a few configuration steps on your Drupal site to let it know how to reach your Twilio account It also requires a few settings in your Twilio account to make sure it knows which Drupal site to use.

Drupal configuration:

1. Install and enable voiptwilio.module

2. Set Twilio as the default voip server
  - Go to admin/voip/servers

  - Click on Twilio's "configure" link

  - Fill in the fields with the "Account SID" and "Auth Token" associated with your Twilio account. Both of those values can be found in the "API Credentials" section of your account's "Dashboard"

  - Go back to admin/voip/servers

  - Select the 'Twilio' option

  - Press the 'set default voip server' button

Twilio configuration:

1. Login into your Twilio account

2. In the "Numbers" section of the account, click on the "Edit" link associated with the phone number you would like to use for your Drupal site

3. Select the Twilio API version to be used
  - Click on "Advanced Properties" at the bottom of the page
  - Set the "API Version" field to "2010-04-01" 

4. Set the URLs associated with your site
  - Mark the "Voice" check box

  - Fill the "URL" field with (for clean URLs)

  - Click on "Advanced Features"

  - Fill the "StatusCallback URL" field with (for clean URLs)

  - Make sure both "URL" and "StatusCallback URL" are set to use "POST"

  - Press the "Save" button

  - Enjoy!

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.


johnhorning’s picture

Looks like this enables you to work with Twilio voice only. What about SMS?

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Warning if you try and set up voip phone and voip twilio client with the free twilio account then as soon as you add voip phone into a block you will break your drupal it will only show a white screen. I think this is because you are not able to set up the twilio account fully as described above and you will also get this error in your log file:

[warn] mod_fcgid: stderr: PHP Fatal error: Class 'Services_Twilio_Capability' not found in htdocs/sites/all/modules/voipphone/clients/voiptwilioclient/voiptwilioclient.module on line 112

to get you drupal back you need to go into your database find the system table and find the entry:


set this entry's status to 0 to turn off the module then your drupal will come back. Then go to module's page and disable both voip twilio client and then voip phone.

Hope this helps so other newbie like me.

this has been fixed in later version

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Can I have a better instruction than this because, this is not clear enough to execute and receive call, it is only instructed to save the configurations in twilio and drupal. so what should happen from that point ? where am I suppose to make the call from my drupal site?

These instructions are need to be in the readme.txt file for sure.
waiting for a response urgently

Thank You