It would be nice to have the content options on the default panelized node the same as the actual nodes themselves. We can set the allowed content and layouts and in cases where we have many content types, and fields it can be handy to set the options once for all content add forms.

TODO: Look into what would be required to restrict the content options available in the default content add form.


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Since it's using a generic panels allowed content algorithm it may be kind of difficult to automate any of this without rewriting that algorithm entirely.

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Priority: Normal » Minor

It doesn't effect our editorial user facing content options, which are being filtered, so I do not think this is a high priority. I might revisit this in the future though.

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Unless someone steps up to provide a patch, it's unlikely this will be worked on. If someone is willing to put time into it and build a patch then I'll happily review it.

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Status: Active » Closed (won't fix)

The 6.x-1.x branch is no longer supported, so this will not be resolved.