Included a partial patch to the menu_clone module that will add a publish date feature.
Improved the menu clone naming convention.

I have enclosed a patch.
In our install we have extended the preview.module and menu.module to actually preview and publish the new menu at the scheduled date.

#2 menu_clone_cron.zip1.19 KBmiltonsp
menu_clone_prev.patch9.61 KBmiltonsp
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Very nice feature, although I'm struggling to find a use case for it, but I'm sure there is one ;-) What exactly do you use it for?

Any one else want this in?

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This is similar to the publish/unpublish facility that the Scheduler Module provides for nodes.
Many times, content producers, like to generate content to be published at a later date. Similarly, menus are modified to be automatically published at a later date.

I have attached code for a cron hook in the menu_clone module that can accomplish this.