FCKeditor doesn't work for my site:

Drupal 4.7.2
PHP 4.4.4
FCK editor 2.3.2
Module FCKeditor 4.7.x-1.1

following the readme.txt I installed and configured this module step by step. For testing I try creating a story node. When I open the edit page of this node I get an errors from Internet Explorer:

'oFCKeditor_edit_body' is null or not an object

If i go to administer->settings->fckeditor and have the option "Use FCKeditor in a popup window" selected, save it, then go back to create a story node again. This time I get another error message from Internet Explorer:

'FCKeditor' is undefined

Now I can see a link (Open rich editor) nearby the Body label of the story edit page. Click this link I get a new window, a blank page without any editor tool.

Bugs or someting wrong for configuration of my site?


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Category: bug » support

the error messages suggest that the .js files are not correctly loaded.. please check the source of your page if all fckeditor files that are loaded exist.

(have you extracted the fckeditor 2.3.2 files correctly in your ./modules/fckeditor/fckeditor directory? there should be a directory named 'editor', a file named 'fckeditor.js' and some more files as well as a file named 'COPY_HERE.txt' )

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Extracted the fckeditor 2.3.2 files I only got a directory named 'editor' and uploaded it to my site.

Have a check, under ./modules/fckeditor/ directory I can see
fckeditor (directory)

under ./modules/fckeditor/fckeditor/ directory I can see
editor (directory)

under ./modules/fckeditor/fckeditor/editor/ directory I can see
css (directory)
dialog (directory)
filemanager (directory)

But I can't find 'fckeditor.js' you mentioned. Really missed files?

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without it, the fckeditor will not work - please check the originally downloaded files or retry downloading fckeditor 2.3.2 from http://www.fckeditor.net/ and extract the files.

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Uploaded the latest version FCKeditor 2.3.2 with the file 'fckeditor.js' and some more files to my site, and configured it according to the readme.txt from the fckeditor module. But I got the same problem as one I posted first.

What steps I installed it by instruction from the readme.txt:
1. Copy the module fckeditor folder to modules/.
2. Download FCKeditor 2.3.2 from http://www.fckeditor.net and copy the distribution files (the contents of the "fckeditor" directory from the FCKeditor distribution file) to modules/fckeditor/fckeditor.
3. Enable the File Browser
(1)In the file /fckeditor/editor/filemanager/browser/default/connectors/php/config.php I enable the file browser: $Config['Enabled'] = true ;
(2) To use the drupal files directory I comment out the following line in the connector configuration:
//$Config['UserFilesPath'] = '/UserFiles/' ;
(3) I create a "file", "image", "flash" and "media" subdirectory in my drupal files directory with permission 777.

What steps I configured it by instruction from readme.txt:
1. I do nothing about modifying the fckeditor.config.js file to custom your needs (optional).
2. Enable the module as usual from Drupal's admin pages.
3. Under settings, configure the fckeditor settings.I keep the default settings or just have the option "Use FCKeditor in a popup window" selected to see what happen.
4. Grant permissions for use of FCKeditor in Administer > Access Control, I do nothing because I'm administrator(user 1).
5. because I don't know what have to be done, I do nothing to the followings: For the Rich Text Editing to work to configure filters for the users that may access Rich Text Editing. Either grant those users Full HTML access or use the following tags ...... Users that need access to tables might be better of using Full HTML.

Anything wrong to my configurations?

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if all files are there, please doublecheck if the location is correct (no strange 404 errors in the accesslog)
next check for javascript errors in you browser, there might be some other module, theme or modification making a mess
then check if you can refresh your browser cache en the drupal cache (use devel module for an easy link to do that)

if that all fails... well, check back here,
and if it works mention it here too

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Status: Active » Postponed (maintainer needs more info)
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All files are in right location without 404 errors. Javascript in my browser should be no problem because I can browse to the demonstration site http://www.fckeditor.net/demo and practise using FCKeditor without problems. Further more, I tried 3 different PCs but still got the same errors.

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i had the same problem.

make sure you have the
<?php print $scripts ?>
line inside your page.tpl.php file for your default theme.

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I can't find this line

<?php print $scripts ?>

in my page.tpl.php. Should I add this line? where?

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that line is not relevant for drupal 4.7, It is only neccessary in the head section your page.tpl.php for drupal 5.0 and higher

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do you have a place online where I can check what's wrong? maybe a look at the server will help

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Status: Postponed (maintainer needs more info) » Closed (fixed)

Very sorry because of my mistake. I directly uploaded FCKeditor_2_3_2.tar.gz to modules/fckeditor/fckeditor and extract it by cPanel, and automatically got one more "fckeditor" directory. All files of FCKeditor were under the directory modules/fckeditor/fckeditor/fckeditor. That's not correct.

It seems working now after move those files to the right place modules/fckeditor/fckeditor. Thanks for your help!

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I had FCK working on one of three sites that were identically created within hours of each other. Absolutely no reason it should be working on one and not the others. Same host, same dev environ, same steps, same permissions. Duplicate :: ditto ::

ftp'd the entire site where FCK worked down to my local, then ftp'd it back up to the host under one of the other domain names - adjusted settings.php to point to the correct db (from the site where FCk was working) and still nothing.

Stuck <?php print $scripts ?> into the head of my page.tpl.php file and then not even the textarea showed up... just a large, blank, chunk of white space after the <div> title : Body.

You want to log in as admin and set fire to it for me?
You want to pop open the server / webshell and look?

I would gladly let you in. I've been at this one FCK issue now for 4 or 5 days.

If I could stand tinyMCE I would have given up on this already.

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please don't hijack cloed issues.

About your problem - if all three sites are identical, I don't see any obvious solution other than checking if all files are uploaded correctly, and that the roles and other settings are correctly set.