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MD5: d95232f4c2ea4047333faf1c7051dbde
SHA-1: 7560d6f9c6b08e5024ba6473c7c9edc6fa166b47
SHA-256: ef23ee9e41da79123dab9ab83b0efaec886c19f704fedeee6c9e49915f8b2579
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Release info

Created by: KarenS
Created on: 8 Feb 2011 at 15:55 UTC
Last updated: 8 Feb 2011 at 16:00 UTC
Core compatibility: 6.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

CCK 6.x-3.0-alpha1
Initial alpha release of 6.3 branch code, including Multigroup and Nested Fieldsets. This should still be considered Alpha code, subject to changes.

- #1049790 Add tests for fieldgroup.
- #849420 by Roberto Gerola, rconstantine, thekevinday, ericduran, KarenS Add ability to nest fieldgroups within other fieldgroups.
- #1008184 by merlinofchaos, bojanz, dereine, yched: Adapt to Views 3 "semantic views" feature (backwards compatible with Views 2)
- #932680 by Dave Reid: Token integration : allow using of Token API's new $options
- #863226 by KarenS, make sure we have a function that will return inactive instances when other instances of the same field are still active.
- #692822 by Dave Reid, add authoring info and publishing options to CCK extra fields.
- #428650 Conditional cache/menu rebuild for content CRUD methods.
- #334945 Save default values when field is hidden because of access permissions.
- #196421 Deleting unwanted multiple values / multiple values delta issues.
- #119102 Combo field - group different fields into one.
- #505278 Panels 3 and multiple node type fields.
- #495582 Reviewed Panels 3 integration (prep work for combo / multigroups).
Implementation of fieldgroup_view_group() that can be used to render field groups.
- #417122 by quicksketch: allow drupal_alter on field and widget settings.
- #514452 Add new argument $node to content_access() to enhance the context for hook_field_access().
- #523072 by merlinofchaos - Have nodereference relationships limit CCK field availability as well.
- #519870 by joachim - Add a note to say offset starts from 0 in grouping options for views handler for multiple values fields.
- #231453 Allow fields index their columns. Implemented for reference value column in node and user reference fields. Needs update.php.
- #536730 Enhance cells in multiple column tables with CSS classes related to the fields they contain.
- #521002 by mh86 - Support for optgroups in allowed values for select elements.
- Render field descriptions as cell titles when multigroup edit mode is configured with multiple column option.
- #244896 by stella, canaryMason - Add incremental classes for multiple value fields in views.
- #416154 Preparation for Content Multigroup integration with Views.
- #416154 by coltrane, skybow - Synchronized deltas Views integration: Filter on equal deltas in multigroups.
- #227129 by - Expose "delta" column in multiple value fields to Views.
- #531662 by neochief - i18n support. Allow external modules to translate field labels, descriptions and allowed values list as typed in the field settings form.
- #531662 i18n support for fieldgroups.
- #558420 Accept trimmed titles in nodereference autocomplete validation to prevent title mismatch errors when title ends with space.
- #580156 Wrap multigroups with unique CSS classes in node view.
- #544542 Allow subgroup fieldsets in a multigroup to be collapsible.
- #596428 by NancyDru - Allow external modules alter the content type list.
- #670344 by dagmar: Make CCK compatible with both, views 2 and views 3.

- Multigroups were defaulting to 'required' when created, should default to 'not required'.
- #766734 Restructure multigroup field layout to be consistent with other fieldgroups, and use
content_get_nested_elements() to grab the right values no matter how the fields are structured.
- #739490 by foripepe: Token integration - fix notices during token generation
- #986612 by Dave Reid: Token integration - fix variable name clash (harmless in normal cases)
- #435520 by yched, sun: Fix text fields rendered as 'n/a' in some cases
- #728472 by Darren Oh : Ensure the module's preprocess functions run first
- #894880 by yched: fix notices in check_plain() when rendering empty 'plain text' values
- #705512 by cha0s, roderick: 'add more' button - fix PHP5.3 compatibility
- #736440 by yched, dhthwy: fix memory leaks on long running migration scripts (e.g. migrate.module)
- #887742 by yched: fix notices in _content_get_formatter() in some Views
- #470470 by neilnz, use iLIKE for postgres selects.
- #769592 by vkareh, add default values to nodeapi.
- #714762 by Robbert, make diff module integration PHP5 compliant.
- Add sanitization to nodereference formatters.
- #482774 Update breaks when CCK is disabled.
- #479994 by quicksketch: fix "add more' button with devel.module's query logging (multigroup).
- #499696 by DeFr - Noderefernce / Userreference: fix Views mode when the view has exposed filters.
- #498924 #multiple FAPI attribute is used for a radios and checkboxes in content export forms.
- #409144 Review extra elements for node edit form provided by core modules.
- #361473 CCK fieldgroup panels doesn't respect CCK field privacy settings.
- #515984 Multiple field delta ORDER BY incorrect.
- #414298 by Michelle, merlinofchaos - Follow up to remove (it was moved to panels/content_types).
- #522112 by hefox, prevent malformed condition for vid IN () in views handler for multiple values fields.
- #505278 by Michelle, merlinofchaos - Provide backward compatibility with previous method to build Panels 3 subtype names for fields.
- #523864 Minor coding style issues in Panels 3 relationships implementations.
- #83787 Fix PHP warning: array_merge(): Argument #1 is not an array in on line 432.
- #481568 by merlinofchaos - Empty property error when attempting to save a user reference in Panels.
- #510396 by yched - Use field/type definition to render fields in views.
- #526500 Fix maximum number of deltas in multigroups with explicit number of repeats defined.
- #393020 by auth - Fieldgroup data is lost when importing to module provided content type with group info for existing fields.
- #538872 Diff does not respect field permissions.
- #522558 Date field jumps delta when date field is emptied or fieldset is deleted.
- #416134 Userreference, impossible to filter allowed values by blocked users. Requires update.php.
- Minor fix in multigroup. Remove the check for module_exists('fieldgroup'), which is something implicit.
- Minor fix in multigroup. Remove unused argument $form_id from invocation to worker functions in hook_form_alter().
- #545942 warning: array_filter() [function.array-filter]: The first argument should be an array in userreference_update_6002().
- #521002 Fix validation errors when using optgroups in allowed values for select elements.
- #550252 by GuyPaddock - content_db_index_exists produces SQL errors when creating node reference fields for MySQL 4 (related to #231453).
- #551280 by xurizaemon - Typo fix for "this field cannot hold more that 3 values" error message.
- #558744 by chellomere - Fix one of the swedish translation strings to be correct, and much clearer.
- #562260 by przadka - content_db_index_exists() has wrong syntax for PostgreSQL.
- #567168 by jcmarco - Checkbox required not defined for on/off widgets.
- #568430 by Jody Lynn - Bad @see in content-field.tpl.php.
- #572672 by Jan van Diepen - Remove redundant (and bad) inclusion of node/ in content_copy_import_form_submit().
- #585048 Setting "All users" in "User status that can be referenced" option reverts to "Blocked users".
- #589306 warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in includes/panels/content_types/ on line 166.
- #551188 "Add another item" for FileField widgets causes Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in on line 456.
- #605152 by pokurek - Missing number formatter fr_2.
- #618910 Multigroup filter fails when using relationship.
- #538458 Do not allow to change the widget type for fields in multigroups when the change is not compatible.
- #604830 by mattyoung - 32 characters limit on field and group identifiers in "Manage fields" screen.
- #464030 by eojthebrave - Typo in content_copy.module help.
- #577590 Add a visual indication to the fieldgroup title if the multigroup is required.
- #577590 Prevent validation errors when multigroup is not required and no subgroup of fields if filled in.
- #577580 Multigroup fields with empty values loose their ordering when saved via node_save.
- #614292 by DeFr - Fix CCK Reference fields based on views broken by recent change in views_plugin_style Views 2.7 (#502348).
- #625768 CCK 6.x-2.6, got fatal error on update.php while running userreference_update_6002().
- #640488 warning: max() [function.max]: Array must contain at least one element in content.module on line 1044.
- #649106 by thekevinday: Fix content_copy_form_alter(), where $form_state argument is not passed by reference.
- #669800 Do not enforce required attribute for multiple value fields the current user is not allowed to edit.
- Fix validation of required fields and multigroups.
- SA-CONTRIB-2010-088 follow up fix for nodereference_autocomplete_access() and content_access().

- #421116 Move content.js to js/content.admin.js for consistency with location of new js files.


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