Randy Fay points out that the list of contexts used is hard to get to (and requires translation team membership), while contributed module maintainers could use that data to choose appropriate contexts. We should have functionality to expose the contexts used so far and the strings under those contexts to give an idea to developers about the right contexts to pick.


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Issue tags: +string context

See also #1035716: [policy, no patch] Decide and document guidelines for using string context.

By the way: l.d.o. includes strings from all releases of modules. This list should show contexts only from latest major release of each module. If someone introduces a mis-spelled or redundant context in some beta-release and later fixes it, we don't want the wrong context listed here for all future, to confuse others and increase the risk of the mistake propagating to new modules.

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Title: Expose contexts and where are they used for everybody » Make list of contexts used more evident for developers

Well, in fact, anybody can browse any translation team without becoming a member, so they can figure out all available contexts and their use, but the UI and navigation for that is far from optimal. Anyhow, retitling for that.

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There should be a standard page in the documentation for tracking the contexts and where they are used, developers should't have to dig (and dig, and dig) to find this.

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Damien: the purpose of opening that issue was to figure out what to write on that page. That is not figured out yet...

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This would be cool to offer a page and an API to list contexts. See also #1791612: Logorrhea killer