In Drupal 7, image and file fields have been integrated, and allow you to upload images and files from the local machine to be included as one of the fields in a custom content type.

Since the IMCE already contains all of this functionality, it would be nice if IMCE could also provide an additional widget as an alternative to the default 'image' and 'file' upload widgets that are packaged with Drupal 7 core.

At present, IMCE provides no functionality besides as a file upload manager, and only through IMCE/WYSIWYG Bridge is it possible to make IMCE a part of the content authoring process.


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I would also like to use IMCE as image browser for image fields.

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Same here. I'd love to get images from IMCE to image field.

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I'm waiting on FileField Sources to accomplish this...

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The "media" module cover the "file" and "image" field functionality in D7. But "media browser" is too minimalistic . The "media browser plus" module aims to add some "old good retro" feature to original media browser (e.g. directories). But nowadays "media browser plus" looks like totally unusable, so...

I create a patch to add IMCE "support" for media browser. With this patch, you can choose between original media browser and IMCE (with IMCE you can easily "add folders to organize media" ;-) I post the patches into the media issue tracker:

The second little patch just add a "cancel" icon to IMCE (1.3 and dev).

(Media opens "media browser" in a "modal" dialog (IFRAME), so users need something to close IMCE without selecting anything)

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stupid me--hunting for this issue and left two subscribe notes

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Status: Active » Closed (duplicate)

This is handled by Filefield sources
#864800: FileField Sources: D7 version

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Status: Closed (duplicate) » Active

Sorry for reopen this old feature request, but I think this is not exactly a dup of that issue.

I understand that this feature request is about a widget to use imce as source for any file field. With file field sources you can add imce as a source for files, but can't disable basic uploading, with IMCE as a widget you should be able to enforce users to store their files on a given subset of folders.

If you don't want this, please, close this issue as don't fix.

Thanks in advance for your time.

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Status: Active » Closed (won't fix)

You can post feature requests to IMCE Filefield issue queue.